Unfulfilled promises Mars One

Unfulfilled promises Mars One

March 16, 2015 published an interview with a former member of the program Mars One Joseph Roche, PhD in physics and astrophysics, Professor, University of Dublin. In this interview, Joseph pointed to the large number of deficiencies in the Mars One. March 19 went back a press release head Bass Landsdorpa Mars One, in which he responded to criticism of Joseph and a few sharp questions about the company’s work, sources of funding and technical aspects of the project. More information about the dialogue can be in this material. Plans for 2015. Mars One was marked relatively detailed, and in his article, I said a few points that you need to wait what will happen. 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to see what the promise was made ​​Mars One.

In March 2015 Bass announced the selection of candidates is more serious. But if someone is hoped that the promised “individual and team tests” will begin in the foreseeable future, he was mistaken. The only progress in this area occurred on July 14 when Mars One has released a brief description of the algorithm for future selection. Of the 100 selected candidates will have to form groups of 10-15 people, who for 5 days would be to perform various tasks. According to the results of 100 people taken away 40. These forty-nine days will be placed in isolation, as a result of which the number of candidates will be reduced to 30. The final stage – “interview suitability for a Martian settlers”, after which the remains of 24 people. These 24 will conclude a ten-year contract, and is expected to begin to prepare for the road to Mars one way. Even if we ignore the question of the mechanism of selection (in my opinion, two weeks for it is too small), published by Mars One materials have one very curious property – there is not indicated any, even approximate, the start date of this selection. No wonder – not published any concrete information on the basis of such material selection as to who apart from Dr. Norbert Kraft will deal with this selection. Previous steps were performed a minimum of staff on the Internet, and here, where it is already not manage anything except the announcements there.


The next question was about getting money to the mission from the sale of the television reality show. According to Bass in 2014 they were close to a deal with the company Endermol, but at the stage of final specification details the deal fell through.Bass talked about a possible deal with another broadcaster, but over the past few months in any official press releases or news information that a contract had been signed, no. Hope, who spoke in the spring did not materialize.


Spring Bass exuded optimism about negotiations with a consortium of investors and some spoke about the possible signing of the documents until the summer of 2015. The news of the successful conclusion of the agreement would be very important and certainly would appear in the press releases. But it is not there. Looking ahead, today Bass says he hopes to call a billionaire, that is, the money or potentially working plan for their collection had not. Conclusion: Investors do not have a contract with no TV, no money, no work with the candidates.

The August discussion

In August 2015 the 18th International Mars Society convention held discussions between Bass Landsdorpom and engineers at MIT, who in the autumn of 2014 published an article with a detailed analysis of the possible mission Mars One. . In the process of dialogue is very significant when MIT engineers speak the language of specific numbers and Bass posted excursion into the history of the lunar program, the head of the Mars One voiced several disturbing facts:

  • The aim of Mars One is not landing people on Mars in 2027 for $ 6 billion. The aim is to “people on the landing of Mars”, the time and cost can seriously change.
  • Mars One project is at an early stage in terms of the availability of technical solutions and can change very seriously. In fact, for the beautiful designs that we’ve seen the last few years, it is not worth any serious technical projects, and those calculations, which can be obtained Mars One (eg, the document company Paragon), are heavier and more expensive than what is depicted in the sketches.
  • Bass sits and waits for the call billionaire, obviously, because apart from a miracle, nothing can help him to get at least some money.
  • If Mars One suddenly appeared to $ 6 billion, it would have taken to create a serious technical design.



Sadly, we are seeing the sunset project Mars One. Five years have passed since the announcement of the project, it became clear that there is no money, technical solutions for the project not, sponsors no deadlines constantly move out into the future, the promises are not fulfilled, and the PR went to the whistle, because the credibility of the project is also suitable by the end.One can argue, rogues founders of the project, or dreamers, do not think about its feasibility, but hope for the success of the Mars One has no meaning. In fact, all the benefits of Mars One is limited to two articles – MIT and engineering company Paragon. If instead of PR and selection of volunteers Bass spent five years on the creation of at least one of which is now to work in the iron and could help the Mars colonists, the benefits of Mars One would have been much greater.



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