A US official has spent four years and 35 thousand dollars to find the anonymous author of the offensive comments
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A US official has spent four years and 35 thousand dollars to find the anonymous author of the offensive comments

The head of the county council of a small American town of Freeport, being elected to the post in 2011, was offended by anonymous comments in his address on the website of the local newspaper and decided to find the offender. For almost four years he has spent 35 thousand dollars, and still know who insulted him, but was not satisfied with the result. His story is told the publication The Verge.

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William Hadley. Photo Journal Standart

According to the data of the US Census Bureau, in 2010 the District Stephenson, Illinois, there were a total of 47 711 people, of which only 37 thousand of the adult population. The administrative center of the county, the city of Freeport, lived and even less – 26 thousand people. One of them – William Hadley (William Hadley), the head of the county council, the local government, which including solved, that will be spent on the municipal budget.

Hadley has led county council from 2002 to 2008 but lost his seat, and from 2009 to 2011 was engaged in private practice. In 2011, when the council had a free place (previous member was accused that he did not live in the district), he decided to run again.

As its “political program” Hadley chose criticism large loan for the construction of a new industrial park in the area. According to officials, residents and lacked three existing, and to refinance debt at $ 5.5 million by 2032 – is too heavy a burden.This American believes that we should increase the staff of the local police to the county residents feel safer, and salaries to officials such as himself, on the contrary, to cut back.

In December 2011, Hadley read offensive comment of one of the readers of the website of the local newspaper Journal Standard for news of new political ambitions of the official (note preserved and comment section is closed).Someone under the name Fuboy wrote, “Hadley – this Sandusky, who awaits discovery. See what kind of opens from the porch of his house at the elementary school Empire ».

It’s a shame because the comment was that Jerry Sandusky (Jerry Sandusky) – is a former American football coach at the University of Pennsylvania. Sandusky was arrested in 2011 on charges of serial pedophilia, and in 2012 was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 30 to 60 years. Pennsylvanian was a successful teacher, his experience came with 1969, he received the award for the best assistant coach in 1986 and 1999. In 1977, Sandusky founded the children’s charity “The Second Mile”, through which we find their victims.

After reading the comments, the head of the district council Stevenson decided that finds a bully, come what may. The locals did not take seriously the words of Fuboy, but everyone was wondering who wrote a commentary.

The main “suspects” were two. First, John Bloom (John Blum), is a direct competitor for the post of chairman of the Hadley county council. Second, Golrapp George (George Gaulrapp), was the mayor of Freeport.

In 2012 Hadley sued for libel, demanding 50 thousand dollars to compensate for loss of reputation. At the same time in an interview with local newspaper official said that no one is going to “destroy”, but simply wants to know the name of the commentator.

In March 2012, he succeeded in obtaining a court decision on granting IP-addresses commentator Site Journal Standard: it turned out, it is owned by Comcast (the largest provider in the US), and to know what it is from the subscribers, it took another lawsuit. By the time Hadley had returned to head the district.

In August 2015, when costs were already about 35 thousand dollars, it became known that the comment does not belong to the former mayor and a competitor Hadley and Frank Cook (Frank Cook) – the district attorney who worked with Hadley in the mid-2000s during his first term. The day after the court’s decision to disclose the identity of the commentator Cook went into retirement.

On the occasion of the decision of the court lawyer Hadley even convened a special press conference at which the head of the district said he barely knew Cook: “I sometimes greeted him on the street.” Cook’s lawyer said the lawyer Hadley specifically used the event to recruit political points – at the time he ran for the post of District Judge.

According to Hadley, he pursued the offender in order to clear the reputation of his family.

I am not such a person. I know who I am. It was in my family’s reputation. Lord bless my mother and father, peace be upon them, so I just left my sister. I love my people. I’m just hurt that [this comment] to talk about me.

William Hadley

Will Hadley seek recovery of 50 thousand dollars compensation to Cook, is unknown. The next hearing on the case is scheduled for December 1st.

According to experts on the claims of libel Olivera Medenika (Olivera Medenica), although the position of Hadley and has a strong argument (the phrase “Hadley – this Sandusky” obviously untrue), but the official would be difficult to prove that from the comments he suffered how something serious damage.




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