12 FACTS that are interested to know about the British royal family
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12 FACTS that are interested to know about the British royal family

The Royal Family today, not very royal, the time – it’s interesting.Therefore, the news from the UK do not disappear from the screen and enjoy the same success. Faktrum decided to understand how there with them, aristocrats, everything is arranged.

1. Rich, but not enough

You probably imagine that the august persons can afford whatever they want, not only because of its unlimited power, but also an inexhaustible riches? Hurry up to be disappointed: The Queen is a mere 257-th place in the list of the richest people in the UK – it is the state $ 550 million.

2. Royal Decree on fish

Under British law, any representative of one of the types of “royal fish” – whales, dolphins and sturgeons – caught in the territorial waters of Britain, are automatically considered to belong to the royal family. This decree is published in Edward II. 13th century and is still active, even though it has since proved that dolphins – no fish.

3. Double birthday

Some people who were born shortly before or shortly after the New Year, celebrate birthday twice, but generally usually birthday of one person. But the Queen of the two – 21 April, she was born in the present, and in May or June on the occasion of her birthday are usually organized official celebrations.

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4. Long live the Queen!

Queen Elizabeth II is currently ruled by the longest in British history: the period of her reign today is 64 years. Queen Victoria, who reigned before her remained on the throne, 63 and 216 days. In our time, a man’s hard not to lose their job, even for a year, not to mention the more than 60 years!

5. Smart guy

In 2001, Prince William entered the University of St Andrews in 2005 and graduated with honors. Among the heirs to the British throne, he had the highest grades!

6. Another clever

Prince William – is not the only member of the royal family, to receive academic honors. His wife Kate Middleton also studied at the University of St Andrews (where they met). Kate has a degree in history of art, making it the first “bride of the Crown” with a university degree.

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7. Progressive manners

Only in 2013, the United Kingdom departed from the concept of male succession, thus proclaiming that could inherit the throne any member of the royal family, regardless of gender. You may ask: How, then, Elizabeth II ascended the throne? Elementary: her father had no sons.

8. Without real name

What is the name of the Queen? I think many people would like to know. But in fact it is not so important: being on the throne, a person can take him almost any name. Elizabeth II’s father changed his last name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor; later it turned into Windsor Mountbatten-Windsor.

9. A house full of servants

If you’ve ever seen near Buckingham Palace, at least in the movie – you know that it is huge.It is located on an area of ​​77,000 square meters, 775 rooms in it, and about 800 employees supporting its state and the life of the royal family is normal. There are cooks, maids, butlers, security, and even watchmakers!

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10. Pope to come and go, and the Queen – remains

The current Pope – the sixth of the shifts in office during the Queen’s reign. Maybe it will impress you even more if you know that all the Popes were 266 from 33 AD.

11. What’s in a name my?

Someone changes the name, because they do not like the name given at birth, someone – because it is associated them with something unpleasant. The Royals also change their names – for ceremonial reasons: to reign, they need a new name, and they can select it.Queen Victoria was once the Princess Alexandrina, King George – Prince Albert, and so on.

12. Relations with America

Recently, it was found that, although the United States declared independence from Britain in 1776, between the United States and Britain still have a connection – related: the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton falls relative founding father George Washington.



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