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The alcohol may be useful to our body (9 photos)

About the dangers of alcohol know everything, but its good for our health is not known to many. It is about the use of alcoholic beverages consumed only in small quantities, is discussed below.

7. Accelerates weight loss. The glass of vodka contains only 64 calories. Problems arise only when people mix it with sweet juice or soda. We offer you a vodka drink plain water or soda. You can add the lemon or mint leaves.
8. Regulates blood pressure. Two glasses of vodka a day reduces your chances of getting a heart attack. But all over this rule, on the contrary, it increases.
9. Relieves stress. Alcohol – excellent sedative: slows down the activity of the brain and central nervous system, makes you relaxed. When it comes to stress relief, vodka – the most effective means.
10. Reduces temperature. If a person with a high temperature will make on the forehead, arms, legs and chest compress vodka, it will allow him to knock it.
11. Improves digestion. Adding a small amount of vodka in food can do wonders with your digestion.
12. Relieves toothache. Just take a little vodka in your mouth and hold it at the desired tooth. Will both disinfection and “freezing”.

13. It strengthens the brain. The whiskey is full of ellagic acid – a chemical that improves cognitive function and prevents development of Alzheimer’s disease. However, it also needs to consume in moderation, for otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.
14. Protects your heart. More than a hundred different studies have shown the whiskey – the best “guard” for your health (compared to other types of alcohol). Two cups a day – and the risk of hitting a heart attack is reduced by 50%!
15. It prevents the development of cancer. Ellagic Acid – a powerful antioxidant that also prevents the development of cancer. It destroys free radicals, which are the main cause of this terrible disease.
16. Increases immunity. Whiskey helps fight colds and infections.
17. Prevents diabetes. Whiskey reduces your chances of getting diabetes by 30-40%. The fact is that it improves the ability of the body part by control of glucose.
18. Helps to lose weight. The whiskey no carbohydrates and very low in calories. And this drink improves digestion and suppresses appetite, protecting you from overeating.

19. Has healing properties. There’s a reason unknown to you strongly associate with rum sailors. Leaders of the British Navy has decided to each of his men on a daily basis to give a portion of rum. It protects them from scurvy – a disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C.
20. Increases life expectancy. Moderate drinking rum (1-2 servings per day) prolongs life by 2-5 years.
21. Prevent problems with muscles. Rum helps reduce pain in the muscles and prevents osteoporosis. And strengthens bone mineral density.
22. Treats cold. Rum has powerful antimicrobial properties. Excellent eliminates the common cold!

23. Lowers blood sugar. Tequila is made from the agave plant, which stimulates the body’s production of insulin. So that those who drink this wonderful drink, the blood sugar level is usually reduced.
24. Regulates cholesterol levels. Studies show that agave fibers reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Tequila also regulates the absorption of fat walls of your intestines. Therefore, after it you will never feel bloating.
25. It contains probiotics. Probiotics – are “healthy” bacteria necessary for our body. They control many processes in our body – from the digestive system to the immune system.
26. Protect from another of the three diseases, namely, osteoporosis, dementia and diabetes.

27. It contains a number of medicinal ingredients. This juniper berries (helps when you cough, congestion, kidney failure and problems with menstruation), and a variety of medicinal herbs (coriander, sage, angelica root, rosemary, etc. Etc.).
28. Protects against malaria. The combination of gin and tonic was invented by the British as a prophylactic against malaria. And really works. Good to know before you go on holiday in hot countries.
29. Protects against arthritis. Juniper berries help to cope with chronic inflammation caused by arthritis.
30. fights infection. It protects against bacterial infections, simply by killing them.
31. Protect your skin healthy. All of antioxidants.
32. Improves digestion. Herbs contained in gin, release digestive enzymes and stomach acid. As a result, you find it easier to digest food.
33. Promotes weight loss. As with vodka or whiskey, gin contains a minimal amount of calories. And prevent bloating.

34. Maintains youth. Contained in wine resveratrol rescues the skin from wrinkling.
35. Prevents cancer. Several studies have shown that wine reduces the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer.
36. Reduces the risk of depression. From two to seven glasses of wine per week greatly increase your chances of preserving mental health.
37. Keeping your heart healthy. About this everybody knows, but we have decided to recall.
38. Protect your memory. Studies have shown that daily consumption of one glass of wine improves your memory and reduces the risk of developing senility.
39. Helps you live longer. One Finnish study found that people who drink wine, have a 34% lower risk of premature death.

Brandy or Cognac
40. It improves the health of the heart. Brandy – a product of the distillation of wine, so it has all the same beneficial properties as the wine. In particular, the beverage in the body prevents the appearance of plaques, lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks.
41. Slows the aging process. In many brands of copper, which also has a strong effect on the body. This metal fights free radicals that cause aging of the skin and brain.
42. Reduces the risk of cancer. Recall about ellagic acid! It is full of brandy!
43. Soothes coughs and colds. For many years, brandy used as a means to combat the problems of the airways. Reduces cough, sore throat and other symptoms of colds. Kills bacteria, eliminates phlegm, soothes irritated by microbes parts of the body.
44. Increases immunity. Again, we are talking about antioxidants, and kill harmful pathogens.

45. Allows you to lose weight. This French champagne is usually a lot less calories than the regular red or white wine. Well, and other useful properties of grape beverages you already know.
46. ​​Improves memory. Studies show that after people drink a little champagne, and their spatial short-term memory starts to work much better. People become easier to perform complex tasks and calculations.
47. promote heart health. A glass of champagne in the case as well as a glass of red wine.
48. It contains a large amount of antioxidants. A glass of cider accommodate them about as much as a glass of red wine.
49. A great alternative for those who can not drink beer. Cider from apples usually made, instead of cereal crops, however does not contain gluten (unlike beer). This makes it a good choice for people with celiac disease is observed or sensitivity to gluten.

But do not get carried away
Experts recommend that women limit alcohol consumption to one portion a day, men – two portions. And, no, you can not “hold” the whole week, and then “with a clear conscience” get drunk on the weekends. The ideal way to consume alcohol – one drink or one or two glasses per day for dinner.



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