A selection of interesting facts from world
Interesting Facts

A selection of interesting facts from world

Smiling male – the most effective means of manipulating woman

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When a man is smiling woman, she had to be on guard: maybe the opposite sex is trying to subdue her to his will, warn scientists.
In the course of three experiments, psychologists from the University of Granada studied how men smile affects the perception of his persona woman and her response. As a result, it was found that when the man gave directions, smiling, representatives of the beautiful half unquestioningly follow them. This method works even if later the man allowed himself to sexist remarks.
Experts explain this submissiveness of women that they perceive as the human warmth of a smile. Scientists believe that the beautiful half of humanity relies more and more on body language and smile can fool it.
“Even if there is a dissonance between words and body language, women will respond to the last. If they see a smile, it just simplifies the situation, “- said the expert Patti Wood.
She advised women who do not want to manipulate them, first of all, pay attention to the nonverbal message. In addition, Wood cautioned against reciprocal smiles and eye contact.

Astronomers have discovered the heaviest black hole: 20 billion times the mass of the Sun.

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A new record for black holes heavyweights. Previously, the heaviest object of this kind was considered a black hole in the galaxy NGC 4889, whose weight is 9.8 billion solar masses. But the new record holder simply amazed scientists. This black hole containing more than 14% of the mass of the galaxy, while the supermassive black holes usually contain no more than 0.1% of the mass of the galaxy.
“It’s really very strange galaxy. It is almost entirely composed of a black hole. Perhaps we have discovered the first object from the class of galaxies, black holes, “- said one of the study’s authors, Karl Gebhardt of the University of Texas at Austin, USA.
At the moment, astrophysicists have studied 700 galaxies in the vicinity of the Milky Way. Now they will have to consider in detail about 100 galaxies in the constellation Perseus. Scientists do not exclude that after the new studies champion among heavyweight black holes replaced.

Using a mobile phone is contagious as yawning

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You may have noticed time and again: is one person in the company to pull out your mobile and start there, “poking” – write messages, view e-mail, take pictures or use some applications, like the hands of surrounding themselves drawn into the pockets of the phone. It does not take five minutes, the entire company is sitting, staring at the screens. Phones contagious as a yawn, says a new study.
Researchers from the University of Michigan observed the students in the cafeterias and cafés of the campus from January to April of last year. It was noted that a chance to get mobile for 10 seconds after your friend did it, is 39.5%. “Contagious Mobile – nothing else, as a result of a sense of social alienation that occurs at the time when the source is diverted from communicating with you. You have no choice, how to do the same thing, on a subconscious level, demonstrating that you are not alone, “- explained the authors of the experiment. At the same time, they stressed that this behavior is peculiar to a greater extent for young people than for people of middle age and older.

Insects do not feel pain

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The scientific definition of pain – “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage,” but the power of pain and tolerance of it – the concept of a purely individual.
The dog hurt his paw on the glass, whined and run away, but the man cry out in pain in the same situation, but to determine who are sick, we can not. Therefore, the study of how different animals feel pain, the analogy method is not applicable.
Apparently, the insects at all deprived of the ability to experience this feeling. The fact that no traces of nociceptors (receptors carrying information about the pain to the brain) during the study of insects and crustacea they are found, and without them feel pain impossible. This means that these animals are completely devoid of the sense familiar to us.

There is an island that does not exist

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So it would be better to say “there”. Most geographers dreams of finding unknown lands, and Australian scientists made the discovery of the opposite – they found that the uncharted island in the Coral Sea does not exist.
Members of the expedition for the study of the ocean floor in the area of ​​New Caledonia decided to swim to the island Sandy, who, according to a number of cards, was close to their route. However, getting to the place, no island they found.
According to the head of research Mary Seton, the navigation map shows the depth of 1.4 thousand. Meters in the place where scientific maps and Google Earth have reported the existence of the island. “This error is distributed through a database on the shoreline of the world, on the basis of which do a lot of cards,” – says Seton. Experts have begun collecting data on the seabed for submission to the authorities to correct inaccuracies.
“Lost” island appeared in the scientific literature at least since 2000, but the French government on the cards he is not designated (New Caledonia – French overseas territories).



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