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10 of the most unusual sexual traditions of the peoples of the world

All people know about sex, but the idea of ​​a normal sex at everyone. If anyone’s sexual preferences are contrary to public morality, it can become an outcast. The moral of every nation and individual, and what may seem to sexual perversion, for others a common norm.

1. North Kamchatka

Until now, the villages in the remote northern Kamchatka preserved centuries-old tradition of copulation with his wife guest host. Moreover, for the sake of consensus guest woman ready to do anything, because it is considered a great honor. And if a woman becomes pregnant after intercourse, if not, good luck and happiness to this house and the whole village.

2. Tibet

In order to get married to a Tibetan girl should have in the account at least a dozen sexual partners.

3. Nepal

In Nepal, polyandry is the norm. Almost all of the few polyandrous societies practice what anthropologists call fraternal polyandry, where a group of brothers divided between a wife. It is common in the Himalayas, where very little fertile land and the emergence of another son would mean the division of the land to another son could establish themselves with their own family. To save space, and they begin to create a family hostel with a common wife.

4. Mesopotamia

Each inhabitant of ancient Babylon had to make a sacrifice to the goddess of love Ishtar. For the execution of the ritual the woman was in the sanctuary of the goddess, she sat in a prominent place and waited for it chooses an unknown man. The client gave the beloved coin, after which they went into some nook where to have intercourse. It was enough for one time, but some particularly zealous vavilonyanki constantly practiced like role play, offering interesting vacation strangers for money, which then went to the needs of the church.

5. Congo, Zaire

In these African countries, women piously cherished his innocence before the wedding.Honorable duty – to deprive the bride virginity before marriage – had a tribal leader. An interesting fact is that if he could not cope with this important task, I immediately lost power.Tribe elects a new, more responsible, and temperamental leader.

6. Oceania

According to some traditions of the peoples of Oceania, she also had to maintain innocence before marriage. There was held a ceremony of innocence deprivation groomsmen. First, using the stone knife and only then – more natural and familiar way. In sum, the ceremony takes three days. Exhausted Woman After that passed the legal spouse.

7. Egypt

Up to now in Egypt and other Islamic countries, the custom festive public defloration. According to tradition, during the wedding ritual husband own must break the hymen future wife. It must be done forefinger wrapped in white cloth. The red color, which is painted in the matter indicates purity of the bride. Since that time the woman is obliged to wear the veil and show their face only spouse.

8. Japan

In Japan, there is still the cult of the male sexual organ. Thus, fertility festival dedicated Kanamara Matsuri decided to carry through the streets of giant phalluses of papier-mache. Here are sold figurines, ornaments, toys, candy and other items phallic. Men flaunt in fancy dress and masks. Sexual contacts during the holidays are particularly sophistication and passion.

9. Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, there was such a thing as paiderastia, which literally means love of boys. This was the “love” of older men to young boys. Teenager boy was considered as long as he did not start to grow a beard. This senior man called erastes, and he was like, contain and protect, educate and serve as an example for the young eromenos. Testing the love of a boy under the age of 12 years was indecent, but no laws prohibiting it, did not exist.

10. Colombia

Unusual tradition associated with incest, there kagaba tribe in northern Colombia. Incest is considered a serious crime, the punishment for which is a repetition of the sexual act. With one difference – the second time the male seed had to be collected, wrapped in cloth and pass the priest. He, in turn, conveyed the spirit of the gift of sexuality. After this offense was considered redeemed.

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