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10 more shocking sexual traditions of the peoples of the world

Earlier we talked about the incredible sexual traditions of different peoples of the world, but the list does not end there. Our world is beautiful in its diversity, and different peoples are amazing in their ingenuity. This is especially true of the exciting aspects of our lives as sex.

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1. Papua – New Guinea

Sambia tribe have a strange ritual to turn the boy into a man. At the age of 7 years old boy taken from the tribe of the men in the village, so it does not enter into any contact with women, and allow the overall race after 10 years. Throughout the 10 years, the future of man is constantly pierce the skin, let the blood from the nose and cause vomiting feeding teenager huge amount of sugarcane. So the boy cleaned before contact with a woman at the age of 17 years.

Also, the future of a man forced to drink cum tribal elders, explaining that the boy sperm will soon grow up and become stronger. Even after returning to the tribe during menstruation his woman a man should let nosebleeds.

2. Trobriand Islands

Residents of the island of Papua – New Guinea Trobrianders show the sexual revolution by example. The girls of the tribe begin to have sex with 6-8 years and boys 10-12, and it is considered absolutely normal. But that does not mean they are promiscuous, to prevent this in the tribe have a couple of specially invented traditions. Still not grow up here so early, because the fair sex of the tribe walk around topless.

3. Sumatra

In Sumatra there Batta tribe, men who are extremely sensitive to this issue. In order to impress a woman, they tuck under the foreskin of various stones, shells, pieces of metal or bone. It is believed that these materials increase men’s fortitude and leave women with unforgettable memories.

4. India

About the tradition of loving the nation knowingly written entire treatises. Of course, all their habits did not survive even in the Kama Sutra or on the walls of the famous temples of Khajuraho, but there are some that are worth mentioning separately. For example, in order to deliver maximum enjoyment partner, hardy Indian men adorn themselves with gold piercings, bone, precious stones.

These rings were called “apadravia” and hung on the man’s penis in incredible amounts. But the old analogue condom with pimples can be regarded as a hollow wooden tube, covered with knobs, called “yalaka.” Do not forget the Indians and the aesthetic side of the issue – the dress code is a good lover ordered him to decorate the body of love bright flower.

5. Germany

During several days of the festival in Cologne all guests and participants, continually in a state of alcoholic intoxication, are suitable to you like a member of the opposite sex, and offer him to become better acquainted. And place such familiarity may in the near park, and specify the name of your partner is not considered mandatory. By the way, the residents themselves Cologne stopped loving your festival because of this, and try to leave the city on these days.

6. Brazil

To surprise your darling incredible strength and natural talent, the men of the tribe topinamba went into the jungle and the first thing impressed her naked body of poisonous snakes. Their bite causes swelling and decreased sensitivity, then a happy lover raced to impress the lady of the heart. However, there were also frequent cases when the snake venom is too strong and unfortunate herpetologist falls dead.

7. Australia

Aboriginal Australian Arunta tribe sought to provide token close friend rather unusual way – by offering him his wife. Of course, this exchange takes place not forever, but for a short time and was considered a manifestation of the highest respect. By the way, even if the woman has been proposed as a terrible mortal sin to refuse such gifts it could not be, because it became a deadly insult to her husband, and instead of a close friend could get a blood enemy.

8. Alaska

Herders from the harsh Alaska, each lasting many days hiking or hunting took with them one of the women of the tribe, and it served as a wife all at once. By taking maximum domesticity and sexuality, women earned a reputation as an excellent wife, and was returning from a campaign, as a rule, are already pregnant. By the way, even those men who in this way is not going to actively offered their spouses as markitantok can to boast chosen one, or maybe just to silence lie on the skins.

9. Micronesia

The tribe panape about female pleasure cared very unusual way, trusting foreplay more red ants, whose bites, according to Micronesians, can cause bouts of incredible pleasure.

10. Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh of ancient Egypt was an unusual ritual, when Pharaoh masturbated and ejaculated into the Nile. The fact that the Nile River have happened all the time ebbs and flows, and it was believed that this ritual will provide an abundance of water. On this occasion, even in Egypt was the official celebration of the god Min, dedicated to the potency of the Pharaoh, on which all the men present had publicly masturbate.

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