Bachelor anti-Semitic: what to do millions of single men in China?
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Bachelor anti-Semitic: what to do millions of single men in China?

Every year, the Chinese celebrate their single men are not the most joyous holiday on November 11th. This date has given rise to a special relationship of the east to the magic of numbers, which is a unit symbolizes the loneliness, and, accordingly, 11.11 – the apogee of this state.

Despite the fact that the holiday is unofficial, Chinese bachelors celebrate it in their own country and far beyond its borders. This year the number reached a record amount of partying that brought another headache to the authorities of China.

“WORLD 24” to find out why in today’s China are so many singles and why Russified Chinese are comfortable with the polyandry in the country.

While most of the world is experiencing a global demographic decline, the most populated country in the world solve the problem of an entirely different nature. Modern China, gasping in the amount of their own indigenous, have been trying to solve the problem through legislation. “One family – one child” – a motto known as the Chinese themselves, and residents of other countries since 1979. Then the authorities imposed a ban on the birth of her second child in the family, citing overcrowding state. So, for example, mothers-heroines who risked to have a second child, was punished for what he did. She was obliged to pay a penalty calculated on the bizarre scheme, depending on family income and province where the spouses themselves reside. Concessions also had only farm families whose firstborn was a girl – then the happy couple at the second attempt could make a boy.

Over the past 36 years, China produced more than 400 million abortions – more than the number of citizens living in the United States.

This policy has yielded results, reducing the beginning of the new millennium the number of Chinese people to 1.2 billion people. However, this entailed another, perhaps more serious demographic problem for the country. The current gender imbalance in China scares his figures: on average, each Chinese girl falls 1.16 boy. It happened for the banal reason: the understanding that the only child of his parents will be fed in the future, the Chinese pair relied on boys and deliberately resorted to abortion if the ultrasound showed a girl. In addition, voluntary abortion can only be called a stretch – the media repeatedly published the information on how the authorities themselves forced mothers to go for the kill their unborn children.

As a result, the difference between the male and female in 2020 could reach about 35 million people, equivalent to the entire population of Canada. In addition, such a sharp drop in growth in the birth rate has led to the fact that a large part of the population turned out to be unworkable.

According to some studies, it is expected that by 2050 a quarter of the Chinese people reach the age of 65 years. For comparison, in 2013 the share of pensioners was only 9.7%.

In connection with these demographic decline inevitably entailed another problem – economic. Once in the bay, a few weeks ago, the authorities gave up and returned to its citizens freedom of the long-awaited birth of the second child.

However, despite the return of fertility, bachelor question still hangs in the air. Unusual found a solution to one of the professors of the University of Zhejiang Xi Tsuyoshi proposing to introduce in the country polyandry. His initiative, he explained simply: so the poorer young people a chance to find a wife.

“Men with high incomes will have more opportunities to find a wife. And what will happen to the rather poor bachelors? The only way out – to unite with other men, and to find a common wife. I do not think it’s my dream, that are unlikely to become a reality. In some remote and poorer regions, it happens that the brothers marry a woman and live happily ever after, “- he says in his article, Professor Tsuyoshi C.

Many residents of the Chinese Communist idea has caused confusion, and the world’s media descended on the initiator of the wave of criticism, considering this decision as illegal and even immoral. Despite the acute problem of bachelor, the initiative is considered by many, can break down traditional family foundations, and provoke in the state “gay boom”.

Opinions of “Russian Chinese” section: moved to our country to relocate the indigenous people of China for such a decision are quite loyal.

To learn how to support this initiative in Russia, “World 24” conducted a survey among 30 female respondents and 30 men who have become Russified Chinese. The data we received.

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This fact polyandry majority of women polled considered gender discrimination that can give a new round of development of emancipation. Male respondents also largely supported the initiative, citing the simplified financial obligations to his wife. Indeed, with such a policy is divided between the family coffers several husbands, leaving a large enough share of each.

Despite this spread of opinion, many respondents noted that there are alternative ways of solving the problem of bachelor in China, for example, marriage to a foreigner.

“In central Russia because we do not often see international couples where the wife is Russian, and her husband – a man of the East. However, if you look in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, that such marriages are not uncommon, and the phenomenon is quite common, – says the founder of one of the marriage agencies Elena Golubkina. – Moreover, I can note a slight tendency of today: in our country is living a lot of girls who deliberately want to marry Chinese, considering not only the current demographic situation, as his own love for Eastern culture and oriental men. ”

According to Elena, a similar trend over the years can only gain momentum gradually solving the problem of Chinese bachelors. So, according to her, the real demographic picture could save women from Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

Polyandry currently remains one of the most popular topics of discussion in China. As far as this initiative will be successful, time will tell.



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