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NASA revealed as the black hole rips star apart

NASA has published on its official YouTube-channel visualization absorption stars black hole. For two days the video clip received more than 160,000 views on YouTube and has attracted media attention.

Published on Channel NASA 3D-animation shows what happens when a star is too close to a black hole. Getting by the powerful forces of attraction, the gas balloon is torn apart. Some fragments of stars in this collision are scattered around, but the bulk of its material forms around a black hole giant gas disk.

Video, according to NASA, is a fairly accurate reflection of the real situation, which was observed three different X-ray telescope. This event (the absorption of black hole stars) is the codename ASASSN-14li and is located in the center of the galaxy located 290 million light-years from Earth. According to astronomers, the mass ASASSN-14li several million times the mass of the sun.


Illustration: NASA

The scientists were able to observe the resulting drive through X-rays ASASSN-14li. When a black hole destroying a passing star, mother of the last heated to millions of degrees and become distinguishable by X-ray telescopes. Three of the observatory, including belonging to NASA Chandra X-ray, able to watch the super fast “wind” around the black holes that are formed during heating of the disc.

As noted by The Verge, visualization NASA confirms once again: from the black hole is better to stay away. Discussion of what can happen to a person who gets under the forces of attraction of the heavenly bodies, was particularly active after the film “Interstellar” directed by Christopher Nolan. According to experts, if it enters the body of a black hole first astronaut will be extended in the finest “spaghetti”, and then disintegrate on subatomic particles.

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