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Interesting facts about Monica Bellucci (13 photos)

Today, well-known Italian actress and fashion model Monica Bellucci is celebrating its 51th birthday.Monica has a huge following around the world and is still one of the most beautiful women in the world.Admire the beauty and talent of this woman can be infinite, and to learn about it more, we can help the interesting facts that are assembled inside the post.

1) Growth Monica Bellucci – 178 cm.

2) Weight – from 63 to 68 kg.

3) Options – 92 -62-92 (plus or minus 2-3 cm).


4) Shoe size – 40-41. While many media write about the 44th and constantly include Bellucci in the rankings of celebrities with the biggest size of the foot.

5) Actress few times in his career appeared nude.The best known of her photo shoot in the nude for calendars MAX (1998) and GQ (2000). 6) Bellucci twice posed for the famous calendar “Pirelli” (and in the world of models is the same as the Oscar for actors)

. 7) Monica Bellucci – constant muse of Dolce & Gabbana. Their collaboration lasted for 26 years.


8) Your favorite poem – «A Silvia» Giacomo Leopardi.

9) Monica two daughters. The first child, the actress appeared two weeks before her fortieth birthday (girl named Deva). And in 2010, 45 years old, Bellucci gave birth to another daughter – Leoni. Both the baby born in a marriage with actor Vincent Cassel. “When I get old, I’d rather watch on their children than to review the films with his participation,” – says the star.

10) during both pregnancies Bellucci starred nude for fashion magazines.
11) The actress never do plastic surgery.

12) Monica Bellucci had two marriages. In the period 1990-1994 – the photographer Claudio Carlos Basso. And from 1999 to 2013 – with French actor Vincent Cassel.

13) Prior to the wedding with Cassel Bellucci met 5 years. Ie their entire relationship lasted 19 years.

14) Vincent Cassel two years younger than Monica Bellucci.


15) After the divorce in August 2013. Media constantly give Monica Bellucci married. In particular, she attributed novels with Russian oligarchs – Telman Ismailov and Mikhail Prokhorov. Neither the first nor the second case, the information was not confirmed.


16) Mother tongue actress – Italian. Apart from him, Bellucci is fluent in English and French, as well as understand and speak a little Spanish.


17) Bellucci often acknowledged in an interview that want to stay in a movie with Robert De Niro. Her dream came true in 2011 – during the filming of “The Ages of Love”.

18) Hometown actress – Città di Castello, Italy.


19) Father Bellucci was agricultural workers, and my mother – an artist.

20) Surprisingly, the mother of Monica a few years before her birth, was diagnosed – infertility. Incidentally, the actress was the only child in the family.

21) Monica Bellucci as a child dreamed of becoming a lawyer. To pay for education, in the 16 years decided to work model. Career thrived. Model world is like a girl and she gave up the idea to dedicate his life jurisprudence.

22) Of all the sports actress prefers swimming and yoga.

23) It is named after a collection of lipstick Dolce & Gabbana.

24) Bellucci in the film debut came in 1990.Her first work was the Italian film “Life with his sons.”

25) The first success came to Bellucci after the role of the bride of Dracula in the movie “Dracula” by Francis Ford Coppola (1992).


26) future husband, Vincent Cassel, the actress met while filming film “Apartment” (1995).

27) Monica admits she does not want to revise the film with his participation “irreversible”. All because of the terrible nine-minute rape scene ill.

28) By Monica zodiac sign – Libra.

29) Monica Bellucci is often called the “second Sophia Loren.”


30) In the morning, the actress always take douche.


31) Bellucci We have a house in Rio de Zhayneyro. She says that “madly in love” in this city.

32) The turning point in his career Bellucci – the film “Malena” (2000).It was after this picture of her began to speak about how to not just beautiful, but also a very talented actress.

33) The film “Malena”, according to Monica itself is half the display of her biography.

34) The actress is convinced: wash your hair more than twice a week – is detrimental to hair. But before the procedure necessarily breeds shampoo water. In addition, before washing rub into the roots of the hair olive oil.


35) Favorite Book actress – Patricia Albert novel “Life of Tina Modotti.”


36) cult film Bellucci says “Sweet Life” and “Eight and a half” Fellini.

37) Favourite drink – cool white wine.

38) Favorite color – plain black

39) shooting nude for Vanity Fair magazine during pregnancy has become a protest of the actress Italian laws prohibiting artificial fertilization.


40) In the 90th Bellucci posed for the famous photographer Richard Avedon, who once shot of Marilyn Monroe.


41) Since 2001, Monica Bellucci is the face of jeweler Cartier.

42) The actress sits on a diet, only if so required by her role. But in ordinary life Bellucci indulging in pasta and pizza. And niskolechko not concerned that they may deposit on her hips. “The beauty of a woman becomes a problem only in two cases: when it is not, and when there is nothing but beauty,” – says Monica.


43) In March 2014 Monica Bellucci visited Moscow. She participated in the opening of a new perfume and cosmetics Corner Dolce & Gabbana.

44) in the first after the divorce with Vincent Cassel interview with Monica Bellucci admitted: “I am 14 years has never been one – and now just do not know what to do”.

45) At the end of 2013 Bellucci year gave hope to all the fans of the pair with Cassel, saying: “Love is above a divorce. In addition, we know many examples when people get divorced, and then again on each other get married, in life anything can happen! ”

46) Monica Bellucci was twice awarded the Italian “Golden Globe” (1998, 2005), and received the “Silver Ribbon” Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists (2003).

47) In 2014, Bellucci has played a major role in the film by Italian director Alice ” Miracle “won the Grand Prix at Cannes.

48) One of the last works of the actress – the main role in a duet with Emir Kusturica in his film under the working title” War and Love, or Love Trilogy ”



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