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About Prostitution in Singapore (22 photos)

I think it is no secret that in Singapore prostitutsiya legalized and all the representatives of the oldest profession are required to undergo monthly medical check-up. Today I want to tell you how to live in Singapore prostitutes and some of the features of their work. By the way, as it turned out, there are many works of our compatriots, the person who, for ethical reasons I’m a bit hidden.

Geylang Road – a wide one-way street, and it on both sides adjacent lorongi (which is Bahasa Malay means “alley”). Abbreviated name – Lor. Need lorongi from 6 to 20 If you stand facing towards the city center, facing machines Geylang, the left will even lorongi right – odd. Very easy to remember: Left – whores, right – zhrachka.


 In the area are many shops, sex toys products.


 Let’s start with the legal prostitutok. Firstly, the so-called “Aquarium” down the street Westerhout and Lor 16.


This is a small house with parking and entrance through the first floor. At the local slang called “Fishtank” or “Aquariums”. Behind the counter the reception, where the cashier sits, there is a small room with a glass wall behind her – a girl with a sexy outfit. They are trying to entice the customer to he chose her. Each assigned a number. When you have decided, call the manager room and it leads you to the girl. All “Fishtank” – this is the legal civilized prostitutsiya in Singapore, because “what you see is what you get”.Girls are usually young, mostly Tahitian, the price tag on them for “tourists” around 100 SGD (1 SGD = 30 rubles), and for local or those who at least five words can tie in Chinese – about SGD 70 for 1 hour. In general, it is necessary to haggle!
By the way, they say that with the Japanese flog an exorbitant price.”Apartments” are located just behind the reception, clean sheets and all that. Rooms are more like ordinary residential, bedrooms: posters on the walls, wardrobes, mirror, nightstand for cosmetics, speakers, and other personal items, soft lighting. A feeling that you have gone to a private home. Of course, I did not try, but say that the process is as follows: the first thing a girl sends the client in the shower and gently heats it blowjob. Most of the girls use condoms during the entire process, including during oral sex. After a shower, you go to bed. Kissing, petting, fingering, stimulation of the anus – it’s the first part. The second part – again, blow job, with or without a condom – depends on the girl and what you asked for. If she insists on a condom, humbled and just enjoy the process. During sex, you can change the position or to try anal sex – as you wish. When you finish, it will take you back to the shower.


 Near the entrance to every aquarium there is “manager” and closely follows that no one with a camera not run hither. In which case you can get in the trunk of it;) Careful!


In the Lor-ah, where the rooms are higher, ie 21 … Lor Lor 31, there are houses where there are also the reception and the rooms, but there is no “Aquarium”. Whores rarely hang out there, they, on the contrary, “migrate” between such institutions. Usually there are also legal, but a more “experienced” girls – they are closer to 30 or even “people over 30”, and they can ****. Here it is necessary to tell you the details, but my mom reads. So just take what they can a lot. But there these women and more expensive, respectively 150 SGD for local or 200 SGD, if the “tourist” and not traded. The joke is that you can explain to the reception “I want such and such a nationality, with / without tattoos, height / weight, age,” and they call (the sixth iPhone) Artel their partners and find you your dream woman with nearly 100 % result. Such places also with “built-in rooms”, their level is higher than in the “Aquarium”. About legal prostitutok say they do not use drugs,

do not drink alcohol (at least in the workplace), every two weeks pass tests for sexually transmitted diseases, so make use of them relatively safe. Apart from brothels, there are also hotels and rooms to hour – this is for the most daring and desperate. The situation there is very simple, most often it is just a bed. When the time came to an end customer, the owner of the room begins to peck at the door, and no one cares that you’re not finished: collect things and leave. prostitutki, which lead to such places, often illegal. now go out into the street …. ATTENTION !!! All the whores that just stand on the streets, most likely illegal, and there is a good chance to get the round-up with the police! So beware of fakes, go to the “Aquarium”, dear citizens. Very simple to watch – if a whore is lost in the form of ment or hanging the camera, then just illegal and likely not able to deliver sexual services particularly good quality. Plus the need to drag her to the hotel, which is pale.But the natives say that on the street you can find copies of great beauty. Outdoors girls stand in groups by type. Ebony separately Filipina separately.


 If a girl comes up to you on the street and offers its services, it is illegal. However, if you do go up to her and ask how much it will cost you a date, is it prostitutsiya?


 This Indian prostitutki! I never would have believed it possible, stand straight in a sari. And they stand in two rows, forming a corridor between 2 meters When you go through it, women begin to miss you from different sides, touch and drag to yourself! Can not get out, because they are tightly. Half – old woman candid. In general, it’s really scary. The price tag without haggling 70 bucks an hour or 40 times times.


Group of Thailand. The price tag for a hundred per hour.


 Transvestites are separate, so that can not go wrong. In Singapore, do not cheat. Here they are:


 Now go to the next level. Orchard Towers complex in the beginning of Orchard Rd. The locals call this place “four floors of whores” It really is a huge shopping mall, where instead of shopping – clubs with the girls.Carefully, the club Crazy Horse – a transvestite.


 Now go to the next level. Orchard Towers complex in the beginning of Orchard Rd. The locals call this place “four floors of whores” It really is a huge shopping mall, where instead of shopping – clubs with the girls.Carefully, the club Crazy Horse – a transvestite. Here is the inside. The girls decided to snack on food court;).Just as in the conventional mall.


 Entrance to the club. Everywhere a lot of touts and protection. The camera with care;)


 On the wall hangs a list of clubs. Here they are called shops. 4 floors !!!


 Girls on the street and preen rest before work.


Let us go to the club …. what we see ???


 Wow! All the familiar faces! Some people are so familiar that I had to close them,
so that parents do not find out what their daughter in Singapore engaged. “I went to learn English” – the most popular legend here;). All the girls from Russia or Ukraine. My feeling is that at least 50% of our compatriots whores here, in some clubs by 100%. Slavic appearance Asians enjoys popularity. Another would be: compared to local crocodiles our – just beauty. Although no crocodiles in the clubs have a very beautiful girl.


Here we have the price tag will be 200 … 250 tourists, if not traded. We still will give the girl a taxi ($ 20), and she leaves for the night, you can not get divorced on “hour” and so on – is the price for a night! Still get drunk tourist falls asleep.



Remember, Singapore is severely punished sex with minors, so check your passport to the girl was 18 years old.
Otherwise, you will find seven memorable years in a Singapore prison and a heavy fine. Pimping a fine of $ 10,000 and 5 years in prison. If after you have been sins, then in addition to the date you receive 20 strokes of the cane.

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