In Siberia, experienced the biggest dump in the world (8 photos)

On the coal mine “Chernigovets” Kuzbass tested the world’s largest dump truck BELAZ-75710 carrying capacity of 450 tons. While this first machine in the world that has this characteristic.

BelAZ is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest dump in the world. Before the advent of models 75710 the largest dump truck in the world was Liebherr-T282B, able to carry 363 tons.

Height 450-ton truck – eight meters, width – 10 meters in length – more than 20 meters. Machine weight – 360 tons, and it can carry the load for a quarter its weight. One such machine can load just seven rail cars of coal.

By the way
With the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian Autoworks Kuzbass longstanding fruitful collaboration. Today carmaker delivers 50 percent of its cars in the Kuzbass. In coal pits work area two thousand BelAZ Minsk production. This is 95 percent of the entire fleet of dump trucks in Kuzbass.

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