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Secrets of Siberian lake Tere-Khol (8 photos)

Today I want to tell you about one of the most beautiful and mysterious lakes of Siberia, which is called Tere-Khol. Over the years it has attracted the attention of not only tourists, but also archaeologists. The whole point is that there is still located the ancient citadel, perhaps belonging to the ancient Buddhists. I advise you to read.


Almost on the border with Mongolia, in the south-east of Tuva, at an altitude of 1300 meters there is one of the most beautiful and at the same time mysterious places of Siberia – Lake Tere-Khol.

Ruins of clay fortress on the island of Port-Bazhyn over for hundreds of years are of interest of scientists.Citadel is a regular rectangle with a confusing maze of buildings that resemble Buddhist mandala (sacred schematic illustration or design, used in Buddhist and Hindu religious practices).
Studies historians and archaeologists have shown that the fortress was built in the VIII century, the Uighurs, joined in while your Kaganate south of Tuva and Sayan-Altai territory. However, later this conclusion is not moved. The subject of the dispute is still the destination of architectural buildings, the remains of which have been preserved on the island. These buildings can be attributed to the palace complex, and to the temple.

In the 50-ies of XX century, members of the archaeological expedition discovered on the island of fragments of the aqueduct – perhaps one of the oldest on the planet. Wall complex of fortifications were covered with intricate characters that are installed later had an important esoteric meaning and in many ways resembled the characters found in the ancient cities of the Maya civilization …. At the beginning of this millennium Irkutsk researcher Igor Vladimirovich Berdnikov speculated that the construction of the temple complex Por-Bajin reproduced map of the sky, as if mimicking the contours of the zodiacal constellations. This led scientists to believe that the island was once an ancient observatory.

It is a fortress Por-Bajin local population due to the tradition of underground tunnels, which you can get around the whole earth, and in which, it would seem, a huge treasure hidden rulers – the founders of the once-powerful Uighur Khanate. Indeed, in the last century in the study of the mysterious island, archaeologists have repeatedly stumbled on silty and dilapidated entrance to the cave, to get into that have not yet managed to anyone. According to scientists, the fortress was killed in the raid of the enemy in the middle of the XVIII century, and its inhabitants, shortly before his death, had hidden wealth in underground hiding places.

For centuries, tribal elders who lived along the shores of Lake Tere-Khol, claimed that the island is situated north of the famous gates of Shambhala. Local legends abound with reports of mysterious strangers “in a beautiful sparkling clothes,” coming from the island and predict the fate of their people, as well as warning against hasty and risky behavior. Legend has it that until the middle of the X century shamans who felt the approach of imminent death, there was a ceremony when they got into the canoe and swam to the island forever.

In 1970-1980’s fishing on the lake there was a gang, whose workers have repeatedly witnessed unexplained phenomena.
Specifically, the summer of 1981 a boat, in which sat a fisherman Donzum Mongouch-ool, on a clear windless weather was picked up suddenly arose a whirlpool. Within minutes, the fisherman brought to the island and with the wooden ship was cast in a dark cave, goes deep into the Tere-Khol and half-filled with water. Suddenly, somewhere far away inside the grotto dawned milk-white light that is growing every second. Against the background of his radiance began to appear silhouettes that seem to hover in the air.At the same time some unknown force to pull the beginning fisherman inside the grotto.
Recovered, Donzum began feverishly working the oars, and soon emerged on the mirror smooth surface of the lake.
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