Top 10 most dangerous African monsters (10 photos)
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Top 10 most dangerous African monsters (10 photos)

How to fend off the sharks , or to escape from an army of zombiesyou yourself already know. But what if you met with the most poisonous inhabitant of our planet? We spotted the 10 most dangerous animals and figured your chances of survival after contact with them.

King Cobra

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Mastering impassable jungles and forests of India, southern China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, including Bali beloved, holds many dangers, and one of them can be met with the royal cobra. Snake particularly aggressive in the mating season. They are excellent climb trees and swim, so the chances to escape unnoticed from her extremely small. King cobra venom is not usually spend “idle”, wasting it on accidentally wandered into their domain of tourists, but if it does happen, to save his own life you will be somewhere 15-20 minutes.

Salvation. Donate here can only antidote that usually stashed in local hospitals. Before arriving at the place, you can reduce the spread of venom through the body, dragging bite harness.

Yellow scorpion

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In fact, all members of the order of class arachnids arthropods are considered hazardous, but subspecies leyurus kvinkestriatus gained a reputation as the most dangerous in the world. It can meet traveling to North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East. When ingested human venom causes pain, then dizziness, which can go into a fever, and then in convulsions, coma and end.

Salvation. Fortunately, many pharmaceutical companies have already been harvested antidote. You just have as quickly as possible to get to the nearest hospital and hope that they could stock up on the vaccine.


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Swim in the waters of Asia and Australia can not end the way you would like, if you close the box jellyfish swims. Poison her so much that for a couple of minutes she can poison 60 people. Burn causes severe pain, while hitting the nervous system and heart. Depending on the amount of venom injected death can occur in 4 minutes.

Salvation. Assuming that the events will not develop the worst-case scenario, in a stock you will be 10-20 minutes. Until the timer will count down minutes of your life, you have to swim to shore and run to the rescue, so they called an ambulance service. Just a few years ago, researchers found the antidote to the poison of deadly jellyfish, and if the victim is delivered on time to the hospital, he manages to save.


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Board for a fantastic panorama of the rain forests of Central and South America for individual travelers is their own life. Jaguars, okapi, anaconda – who are there only! However, fear most is worth a small variegated frog poison dart frogs. In general they are peaceful, and only attack the bugs and spiders. But if not there, or get lean, adjoined with a frog, you will live only a few hours. Frog’s skin is covered with glands that secrete and this poison. It contains about one hundred different substances and causes nerve entailing death.

Salvation. Vaccines against poison dart frogs have not yet invented, so look sharp – do not yawn!

Brazilian wandering spider

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In order to avoid emergency situations to escape from the heat in Latin America through better air conditioning, and windows and doors are kept closed, especially if nearby thicket vegetation grow. Otherwise, it is likely that in the search for food to visit Brazilian wandering spider crawl and hide somewhere among your clothes or shoes. Spider bite causes severe allergic reaction that can progress to paralysis of the respiratory muscles and death for a couple of hours.

Salvation. If you still corked all that is possible, but not very well picked up a bunch of bananas, and hide these spiders love everywhere, then rushed to the nearest hospital ezzhaj, in which since 2004 from the spiders with the most potent neurotoxic venom antidote available .


Untitled 61 Top 10 most dangerous African monsters (10 photos)

Omens in the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and the Red Sea, colorful shell, the rare tourist does not tempted to take it on her daughter as a souvenir. However, within this motley house hides its owner, who while trying to pick it starts attacking, stabbing modified crop with poison.Moreover, that in itself is a very painful injection so it still can cause numbness places, dizziness and paralysis of the respiratory system, which leads to what you know.

Salvation. best escape from the mollusk is buying souvenirs in specialized stores. Want to take him on such a memory from the sea – blame yourself as a protective vaccine against his venom not yet been invented. Having met with him, the locals immediately incised bite and bleed, but how does this traditional medicine – is unknown. For everything you do will be from 3 to 5 hours.


Untitled 10 Top 10 most dangerous African monsters (10 photos)

Another inhabitant of the forests of South America can cause kidney failure and prevent blood clotting. Prior to becoming a beautiful butterfly, caterpillar Lon hidden among the forest vegetation, masquerading as environmental and foliage plants. With such camouflage it very difficult to spot and one wrong move leads to contact with protective spines tracks that carry poison.

Salvation. Brazilian doctors have developed from caterpillar toxin antidote.Prior to its introduction, you will have a head start in 24 hours! All the complexity that burn from thorns looks like a giant bruise and some simply do not pay attention to him, believing that goes by itself. So notice the dark spots on the body – immediately run to the hospital.

Sinekolchatye octopus

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The size of this octopus is about 12-20 cm, but the poison in it so much that it will be enough to kill a person. He can come across in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean – from Japan to Australia. Injected venom causes nerve, which can lead to death in just 1.5 hours.

Salvation. No antidote to this misfortune had not yet invented. Once bitten you should probably get to the shore, went to doctors and to pray – and what other options – what’s the poison limited numbness of the mouth, blurred vision and difficulty with speech.


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This saltwater fish lives near coral reefs and is disguised as stone. Do you like to dive off the coast of Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab? Well, it increases your chances to meet with underwater “monster.” His poisonous toxin provokes severe pain and paralysis. In a worst case scenario, death can occur within 2-3 hours.

Salvation. Reduce the poison can be hot compresses, and relieve pain – local anesthetic action. But while you’re unable to move or speak, will be most reasonable to surrender into the hands of local physicians.


Untitled 112 Top 10 most dangerous African monsters (10 photos)

Lethal dose of tetrodotoxin, puffer fish contains. Fortunately, he only found in the internal organs and skin, and take a chance to sign the death sentence can make up your mind if you go to a specialty restaurant in Japan, serving this same fish. For its cutting chef must long to learn, get a license and only then begin to practice. Despite all these difficulties, the basics of the art cutting fugu fish perfectly master not all, of his restaurant offering guests a dish that will be the last for them.

Salvation. poison that paralyzes the muscles and causes respiratory failure, 6 hours leads to death. Antidote to such delicacy is still no, and all that you can hope for – in a timely manner and assistance and support for artificial respiration and circulation.



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