Making cool Predator helmet with his hands (49 photos)

How do you think that is why manufacturers of motorcycle helmets do not let steep models unusual shapes, such as a helmet with horns Viking helmets or helmets with “Batman ears”? The whole point is that when an accident at high speed, caught some of the protruding portions of the helmet for any subject head motorcyclist may be a very different place and separate from the body. But if you really would love to get myself an unusual helmet, first of all you need to make sure that it does not appear on improving its security level. Let’s look at how one handyman independently produced cool helmet “Predator” without changing the structural features of series helmet.

predator_03 predator_04 predator_05 predator_06 predator_07 predator_08 predator_10 predator_11 predator_12 predator_13 predator_14 predator_15 predator_16 predator_18 predator_19 predator_20 predator_21 predator_22 predator_23 predator_24 predator_25 predator_26 predator_27 predator_28 predator_31 predator_32 predator_35 predator_36 predator_37 predator_38 predator_39 predator_40 predator_41 predator_42 predator_43 predator_44 predator_45 predator_47 predator_48 predator_49 stirka_01 stirka_02

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