Plasmaboy charges muscle-cars (9 photos)

Plasmaboy charges muscle-cars (9 photos)

John “Plasmaboy” Veylend, creator of “White Zombie”, a crazy conversion Datsun 1200 1972 model year, razgonyayueysya to 60 miles (96 km / h) in 1.8 seconds, I decided to go into business for the conversion of the most beloved and revered in the U.S. in electric classic cars. It is, of course, carts muscle (muscle car), so beloved in the U.S. two-door coupe 60-70s with powerful motors.
1403715924 001 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)1403715918 002 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)Motors, often V8, of course, will go on release, or rather more devoted fans muscle cars. Exhaust system, fuel tank and other parts of the car, it is not necessary electric car there too. And instead of all this stuff will be installed electric motor, controller, battery module and charging system.

Installation of two motors Netgain Warp 11 planted on the same axle.
1403715990 003 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)As a demonstration of “Plasmaboy” prepared on the basis of the first conversion Mustang 1968. For her twin were used, on the same axis, motors Netgain Warp 11, for each of which uses its controller Zilla.
1403715941 004 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)1403715952 005 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)1403715941 006 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)The resulting power plant capable of developing 750 hp or about 560 kW and peak torque reaches 2440 Nm. However, while “Plazmaboy” not debugged the electrical system of the car, and full power is not yet available.
1403715913 007 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)Acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h takes less than 3 seconds, and the battery module capacity of 40 kWh per 200 km is enough, unless you try to display these 3 seconds at every traffic light. “We wanted to make it look as if he had just left the salon, but at the same time to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles in 3 seconds.” – Says John.
1403715970 008 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)Classic American car industry, which will be torn apart by electric maniacs.
1403715999 009 Plasmaboy charges muscle cars (9 photos)



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