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Myths and Legends of the World Cup

Such international fun as zavarushka between the most successful football powers in the world, relatively soon banging 100 years. After 16 years, somewhere in Nyon, in the atmosphere at a generous candy, but stingy feelings Swiss hospitality future FIFA president will deliver a toast to the glory of the World Cup. During these 100 years the tournament has evolved from 13 to 32 member states, has experienced many corrupt governments and bloody dictatorships and successfully infiltrated the social and cultural context of human existence.

Judge for yourself: which is exposed hand together with snake slalom enchanted by British uplifted far descendant of Marco Polo to the rank of the absolute monarch of the whole nation, and 12 labors of Hercules blacks and his equally great companions immortalized transit worldwide fame from the teacher, Briton Charles Miller, to his barefoot students. Each yard box was fellow with forelock a la Ronaldo second year, sounded reproaches in the spirit of “sat in protection as italyashki”, and the team playing better than anyone, but always lost, experts anoint “Spaniards”. Mundial healed own life became a whole cultural structure, the scope of which does not allow to pass by this phenomenon.

This substance is not traveling the world light. During its history, the World Cup has acquired a bunch of their own myths and legends, heroes and villains. To our expectations from the Brazilian tournament were not our problems, it is necessary to deal with all stereotypes, accumulated in the luggage compartment mundialya lately.


Play and defeat the Germans

“Football – a simple game where 22 man kicked the ball, and in the end the Germans win” – Gary Lineker said after the defeat of the English national team from Germany in the semifinals of the Italian World Cup. Then these words symbolized the steel rod of the German character – the will to win over opponents bones, torn pieces of turf and if carved out of a naked absurdity scored goals. No matter how produced advantage is important, the score and the cup in his hands. Such seemingly unimpressive Germany the last time we have seen in Japan and Korea, and then as a result of structural changes in the organization of football management in the fields did not appear Rabelaisian type guys, but young boys, the feet of which would fall and the entire world. Team has played in a bright, fast and skilful football, attacks conducted beautiful Ozil ahead loomed Muller, Gotze, Royce, Podolski and other fruits of the restructuring of local football. The new program of the German Football Association brought success: two third places at the FIFA World Cup, Euro silver and a lot of hopes and prospects.But there was no victories. Updated team learned outplay the opponent, but he forgot how to defraud. Loew failure wards in Poland and Ukraine became the first signal to the fact that the Germans time to finally grow up. Of course, a connoisseur of the German soul, the same could not be silent Lineker: “Football – a simple game where 22 man chase the ball, but in the end the Germans lose the advantage of four goals.” It is time to draw conclusions.


In the colors of the French national team is no white

This thesis is characterized, in general, for many European teams, but in the case of the French acquires truly grotesque. In France the bourgeois youth teams, and sometimes can not be found in white men, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris core team and all feels “chocolate.” No racism, no kidding. Just the “dark side” of the colonial policy of France was infringement of national pride another part of French society, whose representation in the team is nearing statistical error.

To somehow improve the situation, former France coach Laurent Blanc together with the Football Federation of France secretly approved the program, according to which in football academies should not be more than 30% of the Arabs and black boys. Needless to say, officials FFF himself Blanc strongly denied the opportunity to enter into such a delicate pact, but there is no smoke without fire. Proportions applications World Cup in South Africa was 9:14 before mundiale indicators in Brazil equalized – 11:12, even with injuries Ribery and Grenier, instead of which will be called Morgan and Remy Cabella Shnayderlin. Except for Paul Pogba, the French national team game in the future will largely depend on the progress Griezmann, Dinh, Ioan Kabay and Florian Tovena that can not please the eyes of supporters of racial theory.What is more important – the problems that had raged in the subconscious of European society, now fallen into the articulation of their own positions. Open discussion of the existing problems would nullify clandestine nationalist radicalization and can ensure peaceful coexistence alleged opposites within multicultural society.


Messi, believe!

Lionel Messi – one of the best players of our time, winner of four “Golden Goals” and the Argentina national team player. The paradox is that, having acquired a cult status in the world, he has not found him at home. Fans of “Albiseleste” is a concept «pechofrio» («cold breast”), and anoint this title most players, which are inert in the field or in general do not feel the heat in his chest, passion needed to play for his country. Argentine culture is important for the cult of form, namely the cult places and belonging to her heart identity of the artist and his public.Concerts teenage group Erreway, known to us by the 1990s TV series “Rebelde”, able to gather stadiums exactly the same as the Oasis gig in Buenos Aires. When the stadiums used for its intended purpose, the Argentine would ideally like to see Tevez 11, puking on the field as well as a fan rips his throat on the podium. Despite the fact that Messi is close to the record for most goals Batistuta for “Albiseleste” narazdaval bunch of assists and regularly scored in qualifying, many fans just can not forgive him for what he “rejected Tevez” – a version according to which Argentine coach Alejandro Sabel is a member of “clan Messi” and takes the whims of prima, leaving, for example, Lionel objectionable Tevez out of the application for the world championship. Messi has grown in Catalonia, which further complicates the process of its formation in the status of “son of Argentine land” and the main hope of the team for the third World Cup. Way from love to hate may take Lionel just eight games, but even a victory at the World Cup will not give a definitive answer to the question of what it means to Messi for Argentina.


Castle in Italy

The most tenacious of all football stereotypes – the one according to which the Italian team does not know the other tactics except katenachcho. If formulate briefly and lightly surface (due to such a view and operate such myths), the purpose of such tactics – shove the ball and close protection. Such a scheme is not the Italians invented the game, but it was in the Apennines learned how to use it best: Helenio Herrera often applied like with his “Inter” and Nereo Rocco practiced “lock” with a modest “Triestina”. National team of Italy nevertheless rarely enjoyed such tactics, applying it more as needed from a wide tactical outlook of local trainers and conditions of a particular match. Style that “Squadra Azzurra” won those World Cups that were held after World War II, was far from dominant in the mass consciousness of the ideal championship game; Yes, sadly, yes, boring, but the game is therefore called the title because it showed the champion. History of the Italians and their “castle” – it is rather a tale about how the romance of football deceived the whole world, issuing his own resentment and frustration for cowardice and luck winning nation.


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