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The most famous nightclubs in the world (10 pics + text)

If you are fond of club culture and modern dance music, I suggest you learn about the most amazing nightclubs in different parts of the world, which you definitely need to see with their own eyes and break it to the fullest 😉


«Privilege» Ibiza

Leadership in ranking of the world’s most famous discos rightfully nightclub «Privilege». This grand rave paradise can accommodate up to 10,000 visitors, so entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest disco in the world. Yet worldwide fame “Priveledzh” received not only because of the stunning size and stylish, but also by the inimitable entertainment program, which has become almost legendary. It offers incredible theme parties, enchanting fire, laser and foam shows, live concerts and music stars of the best DJs, transvestite shows, various exciting ballet performances and costumed performances.




«Escape» Amsterdam

opened in 1987, «Escape» became the brightest star in the firmament of club life in Holland. Thanks to the runaway success of the public club has grown to a size that permit the taking of up to 2,000 visitors at a time.Business Card «Escape» – stunning laser shows. A music club offers gourmet masterpieces of the world’s most talented DJ.


«Le Balajo» Paris

nightclub, decorated in the style of Moulin Rouge. Here still feel the atmosphere of Paris Maurice Chevalier times and Edith Piaf. An ideal place for all those who care about the incendiary Latin dances and motives.Here also play rock, disco and funk. «Le Balajo» has a great dance floor and on the stage regularly perform professional dancers. Having a restaurant allows you to combine entertainment with dinner.


«Liquid Room» Tokyo

among music lovers in Japan the biggest popular nightclub «Liquid Room». Here you can hear electronic music of different styles. At the same time the club can rest until 1000. Nightclub differs with innovative speakers, so enjoys great popularity among musicians and fans of live music.


“Catamaran” Bodrum

Perhaps this is the most amazing in the world of disco dance floor with a very exotic. The local parties are held on a huge ship with transparent deck of durable glass. Thanks to clean seawater and special lighting underwater world offers in all its beauty and splendor. It seems that you are dancing right on the sea surface.On board can accommodate up to 2,500 guests. Ship “Catamaran” makes 2-hour promenade around the famous Bodrum castle, taking visitors into the world of fun and music. Clubbers waiting breathtaking laser show, performances go-go-dancers and a barrage of amazing music in the style of trance, house, r & b.


«Space» Ibiza

Appearing in 1988, disco «Space» temple has become the embodiment of club music. Her famous after-party annual pilgrimage millions of clubbers from around the world. Here you can hear the world’s most popular DJs playing in different genres. «Space» consists of two worlds – the outdoor terrace, where you can relax under the disco-house in the sunlight, and the inside, reminiscent of the devil’s lair, to be delivered demonic trance.


«The Equinox» in London

among the world’s most famous discos in London was mega «The Equinox». It has everything to satisfy the most sophisticated clubber – several dance floors, eight bars, a lounge area and the music world famous DJs. Institution is able to accommodate up to 2,000 needy entertainment.


«Hippodrom» in London

This is a favorite place for disco party advanced youth of London. Kingdom dance equipped with several dance floors on different floors, modern equipment provides the best sound in England, and laser – stunning special effects. In «Hippodrom» sound works best DJs in the world.


“Halicarnassus” in Bodrum

Fantastic disco club in the open, part of the five biggest dancefloor Eurasia. It is here that you can feel truly resort atmosphere, because the dance floor is located directly on the coast, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and the night Bodrum fortress.
“Halicarnassus” is considered the most luxurious and spectacular disco throughout Turkey and holds up to 5,000 people. Institution styled ancient amphitheater. Entertained the audience with colorful fireworks, laser, and other magical show. Regularly hold exclusive parties, including foam. In “Halicarnassus” come from his sets world’s best DJs.


«Baia Imperiale» Rimini

Closes ten of the world’s most famous discos enchanting nightclub «Baia Imperiale» Rimini. Architectural appearance of the club, made ​​in the best traditions of antiquity – Roman statues, marble staircases, exquisite fountains, beautiful pools, transforms «Baia Imperiale» at the temple of music and fun. Millions of sufferers entertainment annually visited him to surrender to dance to the accompaniment of religious DJs.


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