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Interesting facts about Natalia Poklonskaya (10 photos)

I have many times told you about Natalie Poklonskaya – new Prosecutor of Crimea , which has recently become very popular in the network. This time I tried to collect for you as much information about the attractive Prosecutor of Crimea in one post. Next, you’ll learn interesting facts “nyashno prosecutor.”


A month ago, May 2, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Natalia Poklonskaya the position of prosecutor Crimea. 33-year-old Poklonskaya in March was appointed prosecutor of the Crimea.




Certificate of employee Russian prosecutors Natalia Poklonskaya received from the hands of the Russian Federation Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.


’34 Natalia Poklonskaya celebrated on March 18 – the day when they signed an interstate agreement on the adoption of the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia.


In April, in an interview with Natalia Poklonskaya said he was not afraid of prosecution in Ukraine, where it is wanted for “acts committed with the aim of overthrowing the constitutional order or the seizure of state power.”


Since December 2012 Poklonskaya served as Senior Attorney in the Directorate supervision of law enforcement in criminal proceedings of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. February 25, 2014, during the crisis in the Maidan in Kiev, wrote a letter of resignation, basing its decision on the fact that she was “ashamed to live in a country where the streets freely roam the neo-fascists.” Bosses offered her to go on vacation. Natalia went to his mother in Simferopol, where and offered its assistance to the Government of the Crimea, to prevent a recurrence of the events of Kiev.


Just a few days since the appointment of the prosecutor of the Crimea, fragile blue-eyed blonde has become a star of Japanese social networks, where there was a set of drawings of her portraits. Then interest in it and began to show internet users in other countries. Due to the popularity of Prosecutor General’s Office had even spread the message that the head of the Crimean prosecutor’s office is not registered in social networks and blogs is not, and reliable information on the work of agencies should be sought on the official sites.


Clip Enjoykin “Nyash Myash” about Natalia Poklonskaya gained popularity on the Internet, comparable with the popularity of world stars. In the first five days that have passed since the advent of the video in the network, the number of views on YouTube has increased from one to five million seven hundred thousand, making it the most popular video clips of Russian.


Political scientists explain the popularity of Natalia Poklonskaya not only her professionalism, but also an attractive appearance: “It differs from typical strict male politicians, which we used to usually see in suits and ties. And she performs contrast against the background of their psycho, appearance, behavior, manners, charm. “


About Natalia Poklonskaya compose songs and produce computer games. In social networks appeared Poklonskaya fan group, but she herself not participate in them. “I wish people appreciated my work,” – says Natalia.


Appearance Natalia became a subject of speculation. So many times in the press information appeared that her unique facial expressions – the result of an assassination attempt. Reported that 5 years ago Poklonskaya severely beaten by order of the Crimean authorities. Questions on this topic Crimean prosecutor leaves without comment.

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