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How people 100 years ago imagined today

After 100 years, taxis will be flying , and travel to the moon – the usual . Knowledge will flow into the students directly through the wires connected to the brain. Does not that sounds fresh – as if from the mouth of modern futurologists ? But in fact, as our ancestors at the turn of XIX-XX centuries imagined today.

This beautifully illustrated vintage European postcards that showed the world Ed Fries , a former leader in the corporation Microsoft, the creator of the famous game console Xbox. All cards – from his private collection , their site publishes Wired.

In some artists were strikingly accurate , well, something is definitely ridiculously wrong. For example , according to the figures , 100 years ago , people thought that some things remain unchanged. In this postcard man and woman stops ” air taxi “, but everyone, including the taxi driver , dressed in the fashion – leggings , a cylinder and a hat with feathers.

Wired1 Wired2 Wired3 Wired4 (1) Wired8 Wired9 Wired10 Wired12 Wired13

At the same time in the pictures there is no hint of the technologies which we now can not imagine myself even – such as personal computers and the Internet.

Or, for example , talking on ” videophone “, but the image is projected onto a wall or screen, as the movie ( then just sprang cinema) . Imagination was limited to the reality around them . But the same can be said about us today : we are also pretty bad predict the future. Experience shows that the future of unique heard by people obsessed with crazy ideas that they follow , although not on that.

“Return to the Moon: 8 hours we will be in Paris,” ” Flying Hunter 2000″

Somehow hunted by storks. However, if we recall the well-known Russian proverb , it seems , is a symbol of what a man of the future will be easy to catch in the bush. “Little chimney sweeps ” ” Divers on Seahorses ”

However, it is unclear that this gallant cavalry armed with sabers, makes the seabed of coral and fish . “Automatic barbershop ”

As you can see , the idea of ​​a fully autonomous mechanisms not even occurred to me . In the picture a person has to click on the buttons , sitting or standing next to a rather cumbersome ” control panel .” ” Air taxi , picks up passengers from the store buying ” ” Relsomobil ”

Trains have long existed , there were only automobiles . Apparently, people believed that the future – for a “hybrid” of the two modes.

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