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10 of the most challenging and beautiful labyrinths in the world (16 photos)

If you want to get lost somewhere, so no one found in the next few hours, then a maze – it is just what you need! You can enter it without difficulty, but to get out – it’s not easy.Labyrinths have always been striking element of culture, from ancient Greece. They appeared in many literary works, such as “Alice in Wonderland” and “Harry Potter” as a symbol of hopelessness and imprisonment. I propose to look at the 10 most amazing mazes in the world.
Labyrinth Escot Gardens (UK)
Maze built in 2004 from more than 4,000 beech trees, suspension bridges and gates through which the garden is changing its route in a most peculiar way. Worked on the project designer Adrian Fisher, who is the author of more than 600 mazes worldwide. Garden – part of an estate in East Devon Ascot, which consists of a main house and a luxurious natural reserve. Wandering through this wonderful maze, you can see wild boar and beaver. But on account of exit … it will still need to try to find!

9. Mirror Maze in Glacier Garden (Switzerland)
Maze, also known as Gletschergarten, located in the Swiss city of Lucerne. It was created after the completion of the famous Alhambra Palace in Granada (Spain), which is famous for its fine, splendid architecture. The maze was created in 1896 for the National Exhibition in Geneva, and three years later it was transferred to the city of Lucerne. It is built around several caves that were once the foundation of the glacier. Maze consists of 90 mirrors, and visitors have to walk in it with outstretched arms, so as not to bump into another mirror.

8. Labyrinth Ashcombe (Australia)
Labyrinth Ashcombe, or rather a complex of three whole, built on the Mornington Peninsula, near Melbourne. One of the oldest in the southern hemisphere, built of hedges. For its construction in the 1970s, used more than 1,000 cypresses. It consists of three parts: the southern, central and northern maze. It a huge number of branches, so that you can easily get lost. Besides him, there are lavender and pink maze of more than 1,200 rose bushes and lavender bushes 4000.

7. Labyrinth “Cow on the field” (Germany)
Maze in Germany can not be called complex, but it certainly deserves attention if only because of the ingenuity of its creators. It is designed as a cow’s stomach, which is depicted in the German field Marienfelde. Wonder labyrinth was built by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, which examines the negative impact of chemicals and modern life on the environment.The aim of this project is to explain the process of digestion and cow raises awareness about healthy eating.

6. Maze Hampton Court (UK)
The maze was created in 1700 by order of King William III. Hampton Court Palace is located near the river Thames on the outskirts of London. The project designed by George London and Henry Wise. He is considered one of the most famous in the history of the world and is very popular with tourists due to its unusual shape in the form of a trapezoid, and built-in speakers, of which 1000 are heard sounds of installation called “Trans.” In the center of the maze there are even shops that make sounds when someone sits on them. Initially it was planted hornbeam.

5. Labyrinth on Samsø (Denmark)
Labyrinth is radically different from the rest. After all, unlike the previous ones, in it instead of using conventional hedges trees and wide paths. This creates a sense that the walk is carried out by the usual forest. However, before it really was a forest of Christmas trees to grow, but in 2000, Erik and Karen Poulsen turned it into a maze SPILI unwanted trees. Its area is 60,000 square meters, and it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as “the world’s largest permanent maze.” There are a lot of interesting things, such as a memorial to a famous writer Hans Christian Andersen.

4. Labyrinth “Mir” (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
The title of the largest permanent maze in the world, which formerly belonged to the Danish island of Samsø on labyrinth, in 2001, he received an outdoor labyrinth “Peace” in County Down (Northern Ireland). Length of its trails – 314 meters. It was designed to create a symbol of peace, important for the country, suffering from internal contradictions in the twentieth century. 1998 Agreement in Belfast ended problems, but after a lot of hostilities which was destroyed, and the country faced a great deal of work on the reconstruction of buildings, so the labyrinth has become a symbol of hope and even the world. Have been specially selected 6000 yews, which are distinguished by their longevity. In the center of the maze is peace bell that rings to indicate the end point of the maze.

3. Labyrinth of pineapple (Hawaii)
Holds the title of “the largest permanent maze in the world.” Labyrinth of pineapple bushes was built in 1997 on a large pineapple plantation Dole, but the title of the largest maze in the world, he was only in 2007 after a significant expansion of its territory. The total length of all the paths is 3962 meters. Center of the maze is a huge pineapple. Eight secret tips are inside the maze that will help solve the mystery of what is in the center. Besides pineapples grow even in a maze of about 14,000 Hawaiian plants. On the vast plantations can also go Pineapple Express (Pineapple Express). Duration of the trip on a bright red and yellow train is 20 minutes, during which the guide will tell the amazing story of pineapples.

2. Labyrinth Cool Patch Pumpkins (USA)
Prior to that, it was about the world’s largest permanent labyrinths. And then there are those that change every year. Labyrinth Cool Patch Pumpkins is the most unusual maze in the world. It opens only at certain times of year when pumpkins ripen. He rightfully belongs to the title of “The Biggest non-permanent labyrinth in the world.” Several times he got into Guinness Book of Records. It all started in 2003 with a pumpkin patch maze area of ​​6 hectares. Until 2011, it expanded to 18 hectares, and last year was as much as 21 ha! Average field where grown pumpkins for sale, turned into an exciting place for tourists. Although pumpkins are sold there so far. This maze is very complex, and to overcome it, as claimed by the tourists need for 2 hours and 10 phone calls. Naturally, every year the maze is becoming harder and harder. Awesome pumpkin maze is in Dixon (CA) near Sacramento.

1. Labyrinth of Knossos
At the top of the rankings is a legendary labyrinth Knossos, built for King Minos of Crete at Knossos. Legend has it that in this maze lived cruel creature Minotaur. This half man, half bull reared wife of King Minos Pasiphae. But he became so evil and dangerous to society that King Minos ordered Daedalus to build a complex maze in the palace that the Minotaur could never get out of it. After the completion of the master himself could hardly find a way out of it. Maze was conquered and killed Minoavtr known hero Theseus using Minos daughter Ariadne. Today the ruins of the ancient palace of hard to see the remains of the maze. Yes, and it’s uncertain whether or not he existed. But if he really existed, then it was definitely the most difficult maze in the world!

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