Such an arrangement as a “chastity belt”, has existed for many centuries, and it was coined, of course, overly jealous men. I suggest you learn a few interesting historical facts about the chastity belt from the past.



encroachments. appeared in ancient Greece. slave women is an unusual device, locking a woman from out of band of the two bands first bows waist and between the legs Tue rohodila main purpose was to protect ekzeutsii don t nurturing pregnancy baby girl could not worked abovladeltsu this turn of events was nikchemu


crafts fell by the way the ancient Greeks in the Middle Ages to lock his wife “the castle” introduced one German Emperor (his history is silent) whenever going beyond the boundaries of their jealous forced to get into uznetsa supruu iron on his return to his own shot. product of pre themselves present a torture bulky design with set of locks covering the entire lower part of the body in the sufferer has only one tiny hole for inquiring natural needs. and personal hygiene and can be no question m light sensitivity spouse



Innovative invention of the German monarch had mu weight and soon throughout Europe, especially in Italy, belts faiths in fashion model differed from the Greek “hraniteleyh material from which to belts manufactured from bovine added to iron. silver and gold. some pro isusstva even decorated beautiful coinage and inkrustatsiet copies made in Bergamo and Venice because of what they and the floor of the name “bergamskog castle and Renaissance evenetsiansko lattice Kvapil was widespread expression lock mistress at Bergamo lad” The first extant belt vernostidatruyutsya one particular eyelid found in nor rev century rusted skeleton of a young same chastity belt in assuring century began production theorem

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It is worth noting that “poyastselomudriya was quite expensive decoration. They use mostly mainstream ma zazhitochnoe lupechestvo, the bourgeoisie and the princes and the chastity belt as the official means of protecting female chastity with men Mother claims proudly declared suitors that her daughter almost from childhood are venetsiansuyu d sieve such men was a real bride hladom because in those times of old virgin was a true rarity. key from the lock in the years have kept a vigilant mother. wedding day celebration she became the sole owner of this precious wealth.


chastity belt in great demand during Cros hikes. went to war for a few years was not a knight loyalty ladies heart, here and clothe her in a humiliating “underwear unhappy they had to endure the torment himself and rubbed loin and in intimate places sometimes formed about me fiura time from the” conjugal fetters “martyr had to release from due to fears for her life after a special court decision. illuminated church did Vlas “locksmith operation” needless to say about it beforehand notify husband to jealous not Detect “guardian of loyalty,” not to lynch the same liberated Interesting historical facts about


occurred and tragic outcomes. not that long ago on the grounds of the castle in Bavaria have been found in ancient burial remains belts to virtue. Kakpolagayut historians. ost is unhappy gardens whose husbands did not return from martial campaigns, and inevitably had to keep conjugal fidelity to itself



manufacturers’ keepers removed a double benefit from the sale of products for basnoslovnyedeneki they handed sagreat, interest jealous spouse that separate aza predostavlyapikopiyun or her ardent full. trick with the duplicate was not secretly originally inhumane ptal spawned countless jokes and funny stories. so at the Museum of Grenoble stored nucleus tapestry, which depicts a knight in armor, and I leave the castle. him out of the window waving a handkerchief lovely girl. pb on the neck on a chain hanging from the bushes A key looks weighed down another knight armor) whose neck hangs exactly the same to

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znavshieonenadezhnosti locks on their belts pious began pribegakuslugam jewelers. Before locking the adulterer could open a nail or the tip of the dagger but isusnye capably fix this blunder equipping secret lock if the lock is opened schuzherodnoy r “picking pinch clip with a bit off usochek metal. so the owner of sexual property could produce a po return many times encroached on his “treasure”



Interesting Veils: 1 in Europe and to this day there are shops where there is still a chastity belt on request jealous of the 21st century. In addition to the mechanical lock in modern products use the latest advances in technology and material for the recognition eletroniki craftsmen in th book about 150-200 Here’s a chastity belt supported busi eternal male jealousy




2. In modern Indonesia, where the strong hostility of the Chinese. some Chinese women wear chastity belts battlefield. rape. in some massage parlors Personal administration prescribes masseuses to wear during yvayutsya intimate services



3. Vitorianskoy England in the first aspect of men’s belt was used to prevent the boys to masturbate. it was considered. that masturbation leads to blindness. madness and death, etc. the very first invention of this kind dates back to 1889, even innocent nocturnal erections considered harmful adolescent health and eliminated by electricity mechanisms for member before going to bed and was attached to the pubic hair. Maleh attempt at erektsii tweezers pulling on vegetation. poor guy in pain and fell sad penis



Fourteen years later (1903) went further progress in 1903 were first invented briefs conscience member obsessed with eletrodatchikami pruzhn in spring when straightened prizrektsii) cottages closes the circuit as a result of the discharge current and the absence of any excitement. more worse in 1917 in England invented the present know-how samovar briefs or what was still called antimasturbatsionny suit teenagers ktomu time it was impossible to cheat zletricheskimi shuchkami. especially since some individuals after discharge current more vozbudalis and fighters masturbation considered e mechanics nadeknee this awful device intended for hospital where lichili young masturbation machine is a leather shorts with a metal ring on the belt and suspenders with lock unassisted suit stay It was impossible penis accident prevented a special nozzle. defecate was possible, and to engage in self-gratification no

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A little earlier, in 1909 used a hell of a steel trap for birds suka clip. he was put on the penis and immediately seated and block blood flow to the body.