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“The most beautiful woman in the world” according to the magazine “People” (22 photos)

Meet the girl that you now see in the photo, name Lupita Nyong’o, she is Kenyan actress and won numerous awards, including the “Oscar” for his role as slave Patsy in the historical drama “12 years of slavery.” But she came to us on Triniksi not because of their achievements in the industry, but because it has been called “the most beautiful woman in the world” by the publishing house “People”. And you, what do you say about this?

lupita_nyongo_01 lupita_nyongo_02 lupita_nyongo_03 lupita_nyongo_04 lupita_nyongo_05 lupita_nyongo_06 lupita_nyongo_07 lupita_nyongo_08 lupita_nyongo_09 lupita_nyongo_10 lupita_nyongo_11 lupita_nyongo_12 lupita_nyongo_13 lupita_nyongo_14 lupita_nyongo_15 lupita_nyongo_16 lupita_nyongo_17 lupita_nyongo_18 lupita_nyongo_19 lupita_nyongo_20 lupita_nyongo_21 lupita_nyongo_22

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