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Curious origin of some of the wedding traditions (9 photos)

Spring – a time of love and weddings.
During a solemn wedding ceremony made to perform many rituals. Many of them have their roots in ancient times.

1. Probably the Egyptians were the first who began to exchange wedding rings
1398317505_01In the Middle Ages it was believed that the ring finger of the left hand with the heart connects lived, so wearing steel ring on this finger, to show their love and firmness intentions.

2. Wildly popular ring found in the Middle Ages
1398317505_01In 1215, the year Pope Innocent III declared that the waiting period between education and marriage should be longer, and rings have become more popular.
3. Diamond appeared later
1398317505_01Mary of Burgundy

According to the documents, the first engagement ring with diamonds in 1477, the year gave his bride, Mary of Burgundy, Archduke Maximilian of Austria. But it was not too common tradition to 1947, while Gareth Francis, who has never been married, do not come up with “Diamonds Are Forever” for «De Beers».
4. White wedding dresses are not used to wear all
1398317505_01Queen Victoria

At least, before the wedding of Queen Victoria. In 1840 she married the Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is in a white dress.
5. In ancient times, the bride collected bunches of fragrant herbs
1398317505_01It was mostly garlic, onion and rosemary – so they drive away evil spirits. Tradition did not leave until the 1800s, but the Queen Victoria, who on the way to the altar was carrying a bouquet of snowdrops, became the founder of the modern tradition – now kept in the hands of the bride is not an armful of garlic, and bouquets of flowers.
6. Tossing the bouquet was not always guessing what the next girl to marry
1398317505_01Once upon a time, guests enjoyed tear pieces from a bride to get part of her fortune. Bouquet threw into the crowd to distract the guests and the bride could get away unscathed.
7. First bridesmaids were dressed just like the bride herself
1398317505_01So everyone was trying to fool the evil spirits who could be harmed by the happy couple. This continued until the Victorian era – then girlfriend began to dress up in something else.
8. Honeymoon – a Nordic tradition
1398317505_01In Scandinavia, the couple, however, did not go on a journey, and just hiding out of sight and every day during the lunar month of drinking a cup of honey.
9. Phrase “tie the knot” came from Ireland
1398317505_01It comes from an old Irish custom called «Handfasting»: the bride and groom their hands tied with a rope together to show that their marriage – forever.

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