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Winnie Harlow – an unusual model from Canada (30 photos)

b] Although this 19-year-old Canadian model named Winnie Harlov my whole life suffering from hormonal disorders of skin pigmentation, it has not prevented her from becoming a fairly well-known model and participate in numerous shootings and shows. Look further. [/ B]]

winnieharlow_02 winnieharlow_03 winnieharlow_04 winnieharlow_05 winnieharlow_06 winnieharlow_07 winnieharlow_08 winnieharlow_09 winnieharlow_10 winnieharlow_11 winnieharlow_12 winnieharlow_13 winnieharlow_14 winnieharlow_15 winnieharlow_16 winnieharlow_17 winnieharlow_18 winnieharlow_19 winnieharlow_20 winnieharlow_21 winnieharlow_22 winnieharlow_23 winnieharlow_24 winnieharlow_25 winnieharlow_26 winnieharlow_27 winnieharlow_28 winnieharlow_29 winnieharlow_30 winnieharlow_31

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