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Unusual alcoholic drinks (18 photos)

Among these drinks have really very rare and exclusive.

Moutai, commonly referred to as China’s national liquor, was established in China for more than 800 years ago.
1396497404_2Chicha (Chicha), the beverage made from corn in several South American countries, is one of the oldest beverages on the planet.
1396497404_2Another ancient drink – pulque, a traditional Mexican alcoholic beverage made from the juice of the agave and Magee.
1396497404_21396497404_2Kosher vodka with the original name “Aunt Sonya” is originally from Russia.
1396497404_2Mezcal. This drink from Mexico. As well as vodka and bacon, the basis of this liquor includes meat. Worms – actually moth larvae that lives on the agave fruit.
1396497404_2Lizard wine. Wine made from lizards, created this drink in China. Maybe it’s not too attractive, but tastes like brandy, improves vision!
1396497404_2This drink actually contained newborn pups, which are soaked in rice wine for a year, then just drink it!
1396497404_2Followed by snake liquors from South-East Asia is also considered salutary from a variety of diseases, including alopecia. These drinks are usually made of very poisonous snakes, such as cobras.
1396497404_2Distilled rice wine from Thailand. And next to her bottle of Thai whiskey based on rice with a large not a poisonous spider!
1396497404_2From the perspective of the alcohol content, the strongest drink is Everclear. Everclear may be 95 or 75 percent of the wheat alcohol is 190 and 151 degrees respectively. It is rarely used alone, it is usually added to the cocktails!
1396497404_2Bacardi 151 has an alcohol content 75.5 percent, or 151 degrees, and is also used in cocktails. It is flammable and used in flaming drinks such as B-52.
1396497404_2Raicilla often called Mexican Fantasia – alcohol content of more than 100 degrees.
1396497404_2Absinthe – very next alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of between 45 and 74 percent. Flavored with aniseed, he prepared on the basis of herbs.
1396497404_21396497404_2But the original presentation of an alcoholic beverage, such as a pistol.
1396497404_2Here flask disguised as binoculars … to see better.

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