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Natalia Poklonskaya became internet meme: “nyashno Attorney” (18 photos)

It was not not much time since the post of Attorney General of the Crimea was appointed Natalia Poklonskaya as it has become a real internet meme abroad)) Most of all in awe of the Crimean Prosecutor General – Japanese 😉 And the thing is, that regular features Natalia Poklonskaya really remind girls of anime cartoon comic. Do not you think? Then look further. First video with Natalia Poklonskaya began to dismantle such fun here 🙂 GIFCA



Then look at the 33-year-old woman noticed the Japanese. March 15 popular blog published an entry about Natalia, accompanied by several of her photographs.



Fasting has led to a whole stream of stylized images drawn first artists from Japan and later from Russia.She became a star Russian imageboard.
natalia_01 natalia_02 niasha_06 niasha_07 niasha_08 niasha_09 niasha_10 niasha_11 niasha_12 niasha_13 niasha_14 niasha_15 niasha_16 niasha_17 niasha_18
Moment of the press conference, in which a woman says “it’s just chaos,” became a separate meme. In this regard, remember, and music in the genre of “house.”

And Dr. House.

And some just like how Natalia blinks.

Natasha lying on the stove 33 years old, and then went and became a star of the Japanese Internet

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