Made in Kyrgyzstan (21 photos)

If a person wants – he does. Even if the task seems impossible, desire and interest – a huge incentive. Hands from the right place, of course, are also needed. photostories In today’s hero two. Everyone has a primary job, own business.The similarities between Meder and Igor almost finished. They even look very different, not to mention areas. The most important thing that unites them – a passion to invent and “needlework”. 1 Advertising Agency. Office “almost in the center” in Bishkek, converted from an old warehouse. Instead, its territory is not limited the scope of square meters allocated for office. team of seven people continually creative: littered with advertising Bishkek oh how needs new formats. way, just a name is agency. sold ideas from the last – dolls snowboarders who will be attached to the standard billboards. received an unusual ski resort advertising. Something like that seen in Russia but in Kyrgyzstan is a novelty. 2 But this machine stands in a small garage. Would like to say that it carries some of the firm’s management, but so far the other way around: a guide carries this beauty on the trolley. 3 Replica supercar Lamborghini Sesto Elemento collected here in the hangar. bold idea to the madness, collect Lambo from scratch, came up with an art studio director, Meder Koylubaevu. He drew all the drawings and spend their own savings, I should say a lot. 4 “The Sixth Element” is worth more two million dollars. Replica cost slightly cheaper, just 15,000. However, “only” if you compare it with the original. Share this amount on the same passion was courageous act. 5 Anyway, get the project Meder satisfied. Having spent three months on manufacturing car, he not only got the first Lamborghini throughout Kyrgyzstan, but also famous throughout the world. About a young inventor from a small country written all the world’s media, including CNN and The New York Times, photos brainchild Meder shown at the annual Salon Lamborghini brand. 6 Drawings Meder produced himself, spending sleepless nights at the computer by drawing each detalku “Element”. turned seems like damn. Especially when you consider that the original did not have before my eyes, and from it come in Bishkek? 7 Was based platform Volvo 740 thirty years ago. and wheels from BMW X5. case is assembled from metal, carbon steel and acrylic glass. 8 Unfortunately, the machine can neither sit nor ride. This is only the external layout, but it causes a storm of enthusiasm among the citizens when Lambo rolled through the streets of Bishkek on the trailer. machine has become a local landmark. 9 Of course, this story gave a nice boost to business, because the PR for an advertising agency – what could be better. And in plans at Meder – collect another car is already full. Maybe not a “raspaltsovannyh” but real. 10 From impromptu garage advertising agency moved into garages present in other Rheine Bishkek. Here, on the second floor of a small complex of Car-Garage, located underground garment factory. 11 second hero of this reportage – Igor Jarovenko, designer clothing – more precisely, women’s swimwear. Models – hundreds, if not thousands. majority goes to the Russian market, but produce them here in Bishkek. Besides swimsuits, Igor and sews clothes for presentations, speeches, performances. 12 musical instruments on the wall . Think our hero musician? No, play on all these wind he did not know how. 13 So what we came to visit Igorb? most interesting – at its factory in a small body shop he rents a tiny makeshift garage-shell. 14 It stored completely unique transport – tricycle-style steam-punk. Igor made ​​his own hands. 15 car was rolled out into the courtyard, began the story. As a person fascinated, as the Creator, Igor tricycle can talk about for hours. 16 This machine – fully manual assembly . Each Circuits, every screw coined creator. Which, as you know, is not avtokonstruktor. 17 What you need to succeed? Desire – the most important thing in life, and then there are no boundaries. It started simply with wine barrel, now it is hidden engine. 18 Motor here, by the way, electric, so that the bike is not just made ​​of environmentally friendly materials, but also does not pollute atomferu. 19 In this case, the inventor himself did not even driving: the car does not know at all, and the right to open a category “A” to control the tricycle. Anyway, dissect it freely through the streets of Kyrgyzstan can not: on home-made never give out license plates.

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