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Interesting facts that you did not know about pelmeni (11 photos)

Well, bachelors, this post is for you! Read on the most interesting facts you need to know about the dumpling. By the way, who refers to as dumplings? Tell! ))


Originally, the name of this dish is composed of two words Udmurt – “ear” (drops) and “bread” (nannies).Piece of meat wrapped in dough, and in fact resembled the ear of man. Well, “drops-nien” has evolved into a dumpling.




Europeans called his invention dumplings medieval times, the Chinese – his own. But universally, perfect dumplings – Siberian. Udmurt favorite, and they liked the Permian Komi peoples and Russian Siberians.Well, about the XIV century began the spread of delicacies on the territory of Russia. The invention liked the fact that the meat before cooking was able to be stored for a long time in the cold and being wrapped in dough, discouraged smell attracts predators.


Dumplings had ritual significance associated with the sacrifice of cattle to the gods. Because classic Ural dumplings – a mixture of minced three: beef (450 g to 1 kg), mutton (350 g) and pork (200 g). They added very little pepper, finely chopped onion – in moderation, a little cabbage, grated radish and chopped greens. Because vegetable additives tender stuffing during cooking does not turn into a monolithic solid lump that threatens to break the shell of the test.


Preparing dough for ravioli with the addition of eggs, which allows the preparation of roll it thin enough layer. Thinner than it – so tasty dumplings. The strength of their shell when cooking is not falling.Interestingly, the first added to the dough eggs are not chickens and partridges, quails or bustards.


Believe that if a dumpling when cooked surfaced – it is cooked. It is not so, if you want to cook dumplings correctly. The fact that they were made with the addition of Siberians before molding into the stuffing of ice water, and after molding exhibited at crackly Siberian cold. Water, freezing, tenderness and juiciness guaranteed meat during cooking. But – here’s a surprise! – When cooking this “ice” dumpling pop up twice!


There is a tradition that the final preparations for the use of dumpling made with unusual symbolic filling.Green indicates joy and pepper – love, sugar – a successful and carefree year, coin – wealth. Well, if at all helpful dumpling unfilled entirely cobbled together from the test – you will be happy. By the way, if you host dumplings served not only in a large bowl, but with a generous “gorochkoy” – so he obviously is to you and friendly.


Traditions associated with Chinese dumplings, but they feature in that for fulfillment of desires to eat a certain number of “bread ear”. Wanted double joy – two things you please, bring happiness 3, 6 and 9 ravioli, rich and fruitful year – 4 or 5. Anyone who would like that the whole year was a good one to not let health and happiness has not changed, had to eat ten at a time.


The most expensive dumplings are made at the restaurant Golden Gates, located in the New York borough of the Bronx. If you want to try them – prepare money: a portion of the eight pelmeshek pull in $ 2400 (!). Of course, if you do not scare phosphorescent in the dark blue-green color pelmeshek. The reason is that the filling composition includes iron deep fish torch.


It would be strange if such a popular dish did not deserve even a monument to their “historic homeland.”And now, ten years in Izhevsk flaunts monument dumplings, as a magnet attracting to itself all the tourists. As stated, here is the geographical point where the first were cooked dumplings in the world.


According to Dream book, if you dream that you sculpt dumplings – means you do not have enough family comfort. On downers, of course, you can laugh good-naturedly, but the tradition of sculpting dumplings family – good ritual of the family hearth. A number of experts in spiritual practices even call this process a family meditation.

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