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How to verify the authenticity of the alcohol (10 pictures)

Along with the growth of consumption good, quality imported alcohol increases and the amount of produced counterfeits. Outset usually fake contains no poison, on the contrary, there is a normal alcoholic beverage, but still very different in taste and recipe from the present.

When used counterfeit need to fear, mainly allergic reactions that can be triggered by a variety of chemical additives and impurities. However, today we do not know a single case of such poisoning by alcohol.

Most large-scale production of counterfeit goods is concentrated in Moscow and Voronezh regions, as well as in the North Caucasus. Wholesalers are not particularly hide the origin of the goods and, as a rule, operate openly.

However, with the retail sellers can hide belonging to counterfeit products. Usually cover are the terms “confiscated” and «Duty Free». Here it should be emphasized that the law has the right to sell confiscated only Russian Federal Property Fund, and the purchase of goods in Duty Free are serious limitations in terms of (engine capacity).

In some cases, the forgery can be distinguished only after the bottle has been opened, and the drink is then attempted. Especially frustrating if alcohol was presented as a gift to a loved one. Therefore, we have decided to publish some of the signs that will distinguish fake at the stage of purchase, to the transfer of money. We will try to expand this list

Jack Daniel’s

Needless to say, it is best to recognize fake before opening the bottle, at the stage of purchase.

There are several signs of forgery:
1. Metal cover – the original Jack Daniel’s available only with a plastic lid covered plastic shell;
2. Round “shoulders” of the bottle – with 2011 bottles are available in a new design;
3. Smooth “shoulders” – to “shoulders” bottle from four sides should be embossed inscription «Jack Daniel’s»;
4. “Curve” label – label must be attached smoothly, and the order of the inscriptions on it should match the sample.

For illustrative purposes, the image of the “bottle Jack Daniel’s», Rostov-bought not so long ago:

Recently, the spread was fake Jack Daniel’s in new bottles. At first glance fake indistinguishable from the original, but still there are a few signs:

1. No icon «Registered trade-mark» ® shell on the bottle. On the original whiskey it must be present;
2. Smooth neck of the bottle. In genuine beverage bottle neck is bound over its entire length.

Olmeca Tequila

In order to determine the fraud at the stage of purchase, must be aware of the following signs:

1. The presence of edges in the top of the cover – the original tequila has a lid with a smooth riding;
2. Smooth bottle – on the bottle should be a rippled, it is especially noticeable on the “shoulders” of the bottle, the glass should not be smooth.

For illustrative purposes, the image fake bottle Olmeca Gold, specially bought us in Rostov:

Jameson Whiskey

In order to distinguish a fake note the following features:

1. Plastic wrap on the cover – the original Jameson has a metal cover, without any shell;
2. Lack of relief inscriptions on the bottle – a real whiskey has two raised lettering: «Product of Ireland» – at the bottom of the front of the bottle, and «John Jameson» – at the bottom of the back side.
3. Capacity 0.7 liters – is the most frequently counterfeited volume Jameson. In case of doubt as a beverage, we propose to abandon the purchase of this whiskey in the bottle volume. Buy a liter!

And, according to tradition, a fake photo:

Whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label, Red Label

One of the most counterfeited whiskey is Johnnie Walker Black Label, which, however, is understandable popular original beverage. Given the variety of fakes, pictures will lead immediately.

In order to distinguish a fake, you need to pay attention to the following signs:

1. Cap.
1391661910_012. Embossed on the label

Jim Beam whiskey

So, in order to distinguish a fake whiskey Jim Beam to the date of purchase you need to carefully inspect the bottle. Particular attention should be paid to the following features:

1. Cap. A real American bourbon Jim Beam upper bound cover has no edges – it is smooth;

2. The lower part of the lid. The original whiskey has two golden stripes above image brand «Jim Beam»;
3. Neck of the bottle. In genuine Jim Beam faces are present only on the lower half of the neck, while both have a faceted neck forgery over the entire length;
4. Shoulders of the bottle. Real whiskey has a relief inscription «Jim Beam» shoulders bottle from four sides.

These characteristics will reflect in the picture:

Hennessy cognac

They say that sales of Hennessy cognac in the whole world exceeds its production by 3-4 times. This means that only every 3-4 bottle Hennessy – original cognac, and the volume of counterfeit reaches 80%.

However, this information is not confirmed. But, most likely, not very far from the truth.

One of the leaders in the number of counterfeits of course, is the Hennessy XO cognac to distinguish a fake, you need to pay attention to the following signs:

1. Volume of 0.5 liters. Hennessy XO Cognac in 0.5l. is performed. Original cognac is bottled only in bottles of 0.35 and 0.7 liters.;
2. Sheath tube. Original plug and the shell made with special technology (including laser engraving and hologram Holosleeve), very snug to the glass bottle. Casing should be reminiscent of the inexpensive wines produced domestically.

A very large number of fake accounts for the lion’s share of Hennessy VSOP cognac counterfeit accounts, bottled in the form of a jar, 0.5 liter. Therefore, we recommend absolutely refuse to buy a bottle of Hennessy VSOP in this form and volume. Better buy regular round bottle.

If no reasonable alternatives not, and buy a bottle of brandy-flask is inevitable, then you should pay attention to the following (they are similar to symptoms for Hennessy XO):

1. Cap. It should not resemble the usual vodka. Hennessy cognac house a lot of attention to producing jams and their protection, discussed above.
2. Relief image of a hand with a halberd. It must be present in the upper part of the front side of the bottle.


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