Forgotten Supercar: Colani Ferrari Lotec Testa d’Oro 1989 (5 photos)

Looking at this car, you first think that this life-size model. However, it is not. Despite its strange appearance, with aerodynamics the car was all right. Evidence of that – speed record of 351 km / h, which established this Ferrari at the 1991 Salt Lake Bonneville.

In the late 1980-ies years appeared most bizarre prototype of designer Luigi Colani eccentric – Colani Ferrari Lotec Testa d’Oro. In those years, he always painted as something very streamlined and conceptual, and then painted it in full size. Colani was fond of saying that all of them made without a computer in practice shows excellent aerodynamic performance.

Luigi Colani: “If the machine looks beautiful, and it goes well.”
1391599044_1Assembly engaged office Lotec Kurt Lottershmida. In Testa d’Oro they established a 12-cylinder Ferrari engine with a pair of turbochargers, which develops 750 horsepower and 900 Nm. Lottershmid recalls that on the finished sample tests on the salt lakes of America pilot almost killed himself – “Testadoru” ram air, the nose off the ground, and sat behind the wheel of an American fear threw a brake parachute. However, the speed of 351 km / h “Testadora” eventually reached.

In 1991, the year for Colani Ferrari Lotec Testa d’Oro asked half a million dollars. 

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