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10 shocking sexual traditions of tribes and peoples of the world (10 photos)

All people of the world will learn with age what sex is, but not all people have the same ideas about it. Some tribes or even entire nations, had come up with themselves unimaginable rituals and for such a long time of existence continue to honor their sexual tradition. For us, this wildness, and for them it is the absolute norm.

Sambia – tribe drinking sperm

This tribe is quite strange ritual to turn a boy into a man. At the age of 7 years old boy is taken from the tribe in the village men that he did not enter into any contact with women in general, and allow the tribe 10 years later. Throughout the 10 years of the future man constantly pierce the skin, let the bleeding from the nose and cause vomiting, causing her feeding teen huge amount of sugarcane. Thus the young man cleared before contact with a woman at the age of 17 years.

Also a man of the future, this tribe, forced to drink sperm elders, explaining that the sperm will help the boy grow up faster and become stronger. Even after returning to the tribe during menstruation his woman a man should let nosebleeds.

Mardudzhara – unusual tribes practice circumcision and meatotomy

Ritual vzrolseniya this tribe consists of several procedures. In the first part of the ritual is performed teenager barbaric circumcision, after which the boy has to eat his own cut off the foreskin. In the second part of the ritual is performed meatotomy teenager – cutting the bottom of the penis on the channel until his scrotum, to cleanse flowing blood should drip into the fire. From this point on the male will urinate through the remaining portion of the urethra, which is quite far from the head of the penis. Of course it is not clear, why in this ritual of such courageous.

Trobrianders – tribe, which begin to have sex with 6 years

Residents of the island of Papua New Guinea show the sexual revolution by example. Girls start of this tribe have sex with 6-8 years and boys from 10-12 and it is considered absolutely normal. But this does not mean that they are promiscuous, to prevent this in the tribe have a couple of specially devised customs. Yet there would not grow up so early because of the fair sex of this tribe walk around topless.

The most sacred in this Trobrianders eating together. Man strictly forbidden to share a meal with a woman before marriage, or whatever they called it.

With waterfalls d’Eau – a favorite place for debauchery voodoo followers

If you will relax in Haiti and God forbid get to the waterfalls From d’Eau (Saut d’Eau), then you can see a very unusual ritual local voodoo followers. Every year they make a pilgrimage to these waterfalls to perform a ritual worship of the local goddess of love.
Everything seems nice and decent? Certainly not! Imagine a bunch of naked people writhing in the mud and blood of the sacrificed animals also add to this picture has severed heads of the same animals. I think this show is unlikely to enjoy a healthy person

Nepalis – people, where the brothers divided between wife

According to an article in Psychology Today: “Almost all of the few polyandrous societies practice what anthropologists call fraternal polyandry, where a group of brothers divided between his wife. This is common in the Himalayas, where very little fertile family, and the appearance of another son, would be the division of land to another son could establish themselves with their own family. To save space and they begin to create a family hostel with shared wife.

Vodabi – tribe where men steal each other’s wives, Niger

In Vodabi tribe, Niger, West Africa, adopted steal each other’s wives on holiday Gerevol. Svadba arranged tribe children still in the childhood, where the husband and wife had each other cousins. But not all so sad with the manifold. The annual feast of Gerevol men given tribe decided to decorate, dress up and steal each other’s wives. If the pair managed to srulit this holiday unnoticed, their new marriage is fully legal, and the husband-wally with nothing, of course, if not steal another wife. These marriages are they considered in love.

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs practitioners public masturbation

Do pharaohs of ancient Egypt was an unusual ritual when Pharaoh masturbated and ejaculated into the Nile. The fact that the River Nile happens all the time ebbs and flows, and it was believed that this ritual will provide an abundance of water. On this occasion in Egypt was even an official holiday of the god Min, dedicated to the potency of the pharaoh, which all present men had publicly masturbate

Ancient Greece, where homosexuality was considered absolutely normal

Ancient Greece, where homosexuality was considered absolutely normal yavleniemDrevnie Greeks perceived sexual orientation as a social indicator. In fact they did not care what sex was sexual partners, the most important aspect of sex was someone who. Activity in this matter meant a higher status and masculinity and passivity was associated with lower social status, femininity and youth.

Ancient Greece: pederasty – is the norm!

In ancient Greece there was such a thing as “paiderastia”, which literally means love of boys. This was the “love” of older men to young boys. Teen boy was considered as poryu until he started to grow a beard. While senior man called “erastes” and he was supposed to love, protect and maintain, educate, and serve as an example for the young “eromenos”. Feel love for the boy younger than 12 years was improper, but no laws prohibiting it did not exist.

Contemporary culture of Iran, where you can buy a temporary marriage, if you have money

Muslim culture is one of the most stringent in relation to sexual acts and sexual relations between a man and a woman. For example, Muslim couples can only have sex in the missionary position. Please husband about changing positions considered humiliation of.

However, in some Muslim countries, such as Iran, a young couple who wanted to have sex before they are ready to marry, can buy a “temporary marriage.” They have the right to pay for the short ceremony, as a result of which is a contract which will show the exact time of the marriage. After this, they can have sex like rabbits without contradicting Islamic law.


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