10 failures updates autos (11 photos)

Will soon start selling the new Cerato Koup. Reeser was last present-car: he rode so-so, but looked just otpadno. In addition, it was the only cool car, which was released before the arrival of Koreans Schreier. Best upgrade for it would be the appearance of version GT – more powerful motor, but annoy kit.

Peter! Why do you draw this? Yes, now you’re moonlighting in the office next door and time masterpieces for Kia fewer – but such schlock we will not tolerate …

Of course, mistakes have occurred not only in brilliant Schreier – before you Renovationists dozen losers:

Ford Mustang Mk I> Mk II
Fuel crisis has hit America in the gut. But this can not justify the people who called this a goner “Mustang”

Ford Taurus 2> 3
In the mid-1990s, Ford decided to start experimenting with the design – but even for the era it was a bust biodesign
1391599215_01Subaru Impreza WRX 1> 2
Lumped medals and cups in the rally, Subaru decided that she needed a new corporate face. So there is a pop-eyed monster

Jeep Cherokee KK> KL
Of course, the old “Cherokee” was not handsome, but it’s a real American jeep, big and rough. He’d better have added LEDs …
1391599215_01Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W124> W210
It is now “Mercedes eyed” means “E-class”. When the 210th was born, it meant that in Stuttgart went crazy
1391599215_01Volkswagen Polo 3> 4
These lights resemble something, do not you think? Perhaps VW designers were those few who the new E-class liked
1391599215_01Mitsubishi Galant 8> 9
Predatory “Galant” 8th generation sold well and twice won the title of “Car of the Year” in Japan. 9th generation failed in the market and was the last in the history of the model. I wonder why …
1391599215_01Porsche 911 993> 996
993rd body became a logical continuation of the first 964, which many consider the most beautiful of all the 911’s. It was followed by the ugliest, when the designers decided to make the classic kruglyashi headlights in bacon and eggs

BMW 7 Series E38> E65
“Flame surface” incredible Gina and Z8 007 – not that you remember hearing his name. Even if Bangle build more than a billion wheelbarrows, you still go down in history as the author of “the very sevens.”

VAZ 2101> 2107
Foreigners without us in any way. Necessary to administer the state – call the Vikings, the auto industry to establish – the Italians. Fiat 124 is very beautiful, and the mess it was not so easy. But we’ve got

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