Turbo Honda X4 (9 photos)

Information on this bike is absolutely no, but details of the project visible to the naked eye. Installed on a motorcycle turbocharging system!

To cool the charge air intercooler mounted on top of the radiator. There are doubts about the effectiveness of such a decision, if the engine does not overheat, especially with the increased power? .. Installed a new inverted fork type, a new steering wheel. About brake nobody forgot quite a rarity when tuning, the front was replaced with a more powerful six-piston. There are sliders. Not without intervention into the engine.
Replaced the tail. Direct-flow exhaust system installed. New pendulum. Improved rear shock.
Apparently, the photos of the various stages of construction, on the same one exhaust, and on the other – the other. Also, there is some strange chrome bottle (nitrous oxide? (Near the exhaust?)).
1391534694_1Unfortunately, the specifications do not. According to some reports, the bike has a torque of 220 NM

1391533484_06 1391533549_04 1391533550_07 1391533552_05 1391533571_09 1391533576_08 1391534694_1

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