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7 steep chemical reactions (15 gifs)

If you think that chemistry – very boring science, then I advise you to look further at 7 very interesting and unusual chemical reactions that surprise you exactly.¬†Perhaps GIFCA in continuation of the post will be able to convince you, and you stop to think that chemistry – it’s boring ūüėČ look on.



Mesmerizing bromic acid¬†According to science, Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction – is “an oscillatory chemical reaction,” in which “the transition metal ions catalyze the oxidation of various, usually organic, reducing bromic acid in acidic aqueous medium” that allows “the naked eye formation of complex spatio-temporal structures. ”¬†This is a scientific explanation of hypnotic phenomena that occurs if you throw a little bromine in acidic solution.

Acid converts bromine chemical called bromide (which takes on an entirely different hue), in turn, quickly turning back bromide to bromine, because scientific elves living inside it Рtoo stubborn assholes. Reaction is repeated again and again, allowing you to observe the movement infinitely improbable wavy structures.

Transparent chemicals instantly become black Question: What happens when you mix sodium sulfite, citric acid and sodium iodide? correct answer at the bottom:

When you mix the above ingredients in specific proportions, eventually turns whimsical liquid, which initially has a transparent color, and then abruptly becomes black.¬†This experiment is called “iodine clock”.¬†Simply put, this reaction occurs when the specific components are connected so that their concentration gradually changed.¬†If it reaches a certain threshold – the liquid becomes black.
But that’s not all.¬†By changing the proportions of the ingredients you have the opportunity to get a backlash:

In addition, using different materials and formulas (eg, as an option – Briggs-Rauscher reaction), you can create a schizophrenic mix that constantly changes color from yellow to blue.

Creating plasma in the microwave you want to venture with your boyfriend something interesting, but you do not have access to a pile of obscure chemicals or basic knowledge necessary to mix them safely? Do not despair! All you need for this experiment Рthis grape, a knife, a glass and a microwave. And so, take a grape and cut it in half. One of the pieces of the knife again divide into two parts so that these quarters were related skin. Put them in the oven and cover with an inverted glass, turn on the oven. Then step back and watch as the aliens abduct the cut berry.

In fact, what is happening before your eyes Рthis is one way to create a very small amount of plasma.Since high school you know that there are three states of matter: solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. The plasma, in fact, is the fourth type, and is an ionized gas resulting from gas overheating usual. Grape juice, it turns out, is rich in ions, and is therefore one of the best and most accessible means for simple science experiments. Nevertheless, be careful trying to create a plasma in the microwave as ozone, which is formed inside the glass in large quantities can be toxic! Ignition extinct candle smoke trail through this trick you can try to replicate at home without the risk of explosion or the living room of the house. Light a candle. Zaduyte it and immediately bring your fire to smoke trail. Congratulations: you have turned, now you are a true master of fire.

It turns out that between fire and candle wax, there is some love. And this feeling is much stronger than you think. No matter what state the wax Рsolid, liquid, gaseous Рfire still finds it overtake and burn to hell.crystals that glow during crushing Here chemical called europium tetrakis showing triboluminescence effect. However, it is better to see once than read a hundred times.

This effect occurs when the destruction of crystalline solids by converting the kinetic energy directly into light.¬†If you want to see it all with my own eyes, but close at hand you have no europium tetrakis, it does not matter: suit even the most ordinary sugar.¬†Just sit in a dark room, put into a blender a few sugar cubes, and enjoy the fireworks.¬†In the XVIII century, when many people thought that scientific phenomena cause ghosts or witches or ghosts witches, scientists have used this effect to make fun of “mere mortals” , chewing sugar in the dark and laughing at those who fled from them like fire.

Hellish monster emerging from the volcano¬†thiocyanate mercury (II) – seemingly innocent white powder, but it’s worth it to burn as he turns into a mythical monster, ready to devour you and the whole world as a whole.

The second reaction, shown below, is caused by the combustion of ammonium dichromate, which produces a miniature volcano.

Well, what happens if you mix the two above-mentioned chemicals and set them on fire? See for yourself.However, do not try these experiments at home as thiocyanate and mercury (II), and ammonium dichromate are very toxic when burned and can cause serious harm to your health. Take care of yourself!

Laminar flow¬†If you mix coffee with milk, you will have the liquid, which you are unlikely to ever again be able to be divided into its constituent components.¬†And this applies to all substances in the liquid state, right?¬†Right.¬†But there is such a thing as a laminar flow.¬†To see the magic in action, just put a few drops of colored dyes in a transparent vessel with corn syrup and gently mix everything …

… And then mixed at the same rate, but now in the opposite direction.¬†Laminar flow may occur in any situation and with any type of fluid, but in this case, an unusual phenomenon due to the viscous properties of corn syrup which, when mixed with dye forming colorful layers.¬†So if you just gently and slowly follow the action in the opposite direction, everything will return to their former places.¬†Looks like a trip back in time!

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