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Foster children who are famous all over the world

On the eve of the sad news spread around the world – Nelson Mandela died – a true hero of our time, educated people Tembo regent after the death of his own father. We remembered other outstanding personalities that have emerged in the absence of native families.

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1. Marilyn Monroe.


Dumped her widowed mother, who suffers from a mental disorder, and future sex symbol has spent most of his childhood with distant relatives and in shelters.

2. James Brown


In early childhood, the boy’s parents divorced, and James became an aunt brought up in Atlanta, Georgia.James grew up in poverty and was forced to quit school to earn a living. At one time he was wandering waif, and 16-years old came to the colony for juvenile delinquents.

3. John Lennon.


John’s parents divorced when he was quite small. When Julia Lennon found herself another man, John took a four-year education at his maternal aunt Mimi Smith and her husband, George Smith, who did not have their children.

4. Ingrid Bergman.


When the future star of “Casablanca” was 3 years old, her mother died, and 10 years later her father died, Justus Samuel Bergman. Then for bringing a 13-year-old girl took my aunt, but six months later she died.Then moved to Ingrid Bergman uncle Otto, who had five children.

5. Nelson Mandela.

At the age of nine years, Mandela lost his father, who died of tuberculosis, and his official guardian was Dzhongintaba Dalindebo – regent people Tembo.  Nelson Mandela precious words

6. Eric Clapton.


Clapton’s mother was 16-year-old girl, and the father of 24-year-old soldier from Montreal, who had never even seen his son Eric. Small Eric lived with his grandmother and her second husband. Clapton grew over the years and thought his mother – that her sister and parents – grandparents. Years later, his mother married another Canadian soldier and moved to Germany, leaving young Eric with his grandparents in Surrey.

7. Ray Liotta.


Star of the movie “Goodfellas” was adopted at the age of 6 months. More than 40 years later, Ray has hired a private investigator to find his birth mother.

8. Mike Tyson.


Childhood famous boxer was very heavy. Fortunately, he was noticed by famed trainer Cus D’Amato. D’Amato Tyson settled himself, and even designed the official custody of him – the real father of Mike and remembered, and his mother was a drug addict and died soon after. From child of Mike almost nobody survived – his friends sat in jail or died, including and in front of him. and famous female wrestler 

9. Truman Capote.


Author of the novels “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Murder” was sent to live with relatives mother when he was only 8 years old.

10. Richard Burton.


17-year-old Richard Jenkins almost adopted his teacher Philip Burton, but the law forbade it to him, because the boy was too young. As a result, Richard changed his name and lived like a native son Philip.

11. Steve Jobs.


Biological father of Steve Jobs was Abdulfattah Jandal – Syrian Muslim. At that time, he met Joan Shibli, but her parents were against their relationship, and eventually Steve Jobs brought Paul and Clara Jobs. Also Check job creation From the iPad Air to MacPro: autumn trends from Apple

11. Francois Truffaut.


Future cult French director was the illegitimate child Janine de Montferrand, he did not know his real father – Roland Levy (Jew), who was a dentist. Roland Truffaut, whom his mother married, Francois admitted as a foster child, and gave him his name. From birth Truffaut lived in the care of various nannies and his grandmother, who instilled in him a love of books and music. With grandmother he lived until her death, when he was 10 years, after which the first was reunited with his mother and stepfather.

13. Edgar Allan Poe.


By born in 1809, but his mother died a year after conception. His father also threw it. In the end, Edgar lived with a foster family in Virginia.

14. Jack Nicholson


After the appearance of a boy born to care about him and grandparents, John Joseph Nicholson and Ethel May Nicholson. Jack grew up in the belief that grandparents are his father and mother. Only in 1974 magazine reporter Time, find out all the information concealed, the actor opened the truth: his older sister June is actually his mother. It was already too late: June died of cancer in 1963, and Ethel died seven years later – in 1970. Rare photos of Hollywood movies 

15. Coco Chanel.


His mother died when Coco was barely twelve, and later her four siblings left the father and the children were then Chanel in the care of relatives and spent some time in a shelter.

16. Eddie Murphy.


Eddie’s father died when he was a child. After his death, Lillian was ill, and the brothers had to live with a foster family for one year. Later, Eddie and his brother grew up together at the Roosevelt in New York with his mother and stepfather Vernon Lynch, a foreman at an ice cream factory.

17. Leo Tolstoy.


His mother died with the birth of her daughter last, when the future classics of Russian literature was not yet 2 years old. Education of orphaned children took a distant relative TA Yergolsky. In 1837 the family moved to Moscow, as his elder brother Tolstoy was necessary to prepare for university. Soon after his father died suddenly, Nikolai Ilyich, and three younger children again settled in Yasnaya Polyana supervised Yergolsky and aunts paternal, Countess AM Osten-Sacken, appointed guardian of children.

18. Ella Fitzgerald


Ella’s mother died of a heart attack when she was 14 years old. Due to disagreements with his stepfather, Ella moved to live with her aunt Virginia and Henry became the caretaker for jobs in a brothel, where comes into contact with the life of mobsters and gamblers. Once underage girl engaged in police custody and the service, it was placed in an orphanage in the Bronx, and later transferred to a boarding school for girls in Hudson, Ella but soon fled from there and for some time remained homeless.

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