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Most recently, the hacker group Anonymous has declared war on the Japanese government for refusing to representatives of the state apparatus to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji village. FURFUR versed in the history of the issue. 

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Before you go to such drastic measures and threaten Prime Minister of the country, activists of all stripes have tried to find a way out of the situation in an amicable way, collecting countless petitions and open letters falling asleep there the whole vertical of power.

Unfortunately, it came to nothing lead, and solve the current problem peacefully until it succeeds. Earlier, authorities in Wakayama Prefecture noted that hunting dolphins – a tradition that change they can not. They also pledged to make the process more humane killing of animals. This statement was made after the movie directed by Louis Psihoyos “Bay”, dedicated to the slaughter off the coast of Japan, won the “Oscar” as the best documentary in 2009 and drew attention to the problem of the broad masses of spectators.

Japanese cut unsuspecting cetaceans as necessary – use for slaughter whaling harpoons and carving knives. 

Those who watched the movie, remember that the Japanese do not stand on ceremony with dolphins: to make the animals go to the waters of the bay, the Japanese fishermen establish special ultrasonic devices, creating a painful wave, “circling” the animal’s head.Acting on the sonar of dolphins, poachers set the direction of their movement. Carnage begins as soon as mammals coming to shore: bumping on bottlenose dolphins (bottlenose dolphins) and whales pilot whales (common pilot whale), though fierce samurai under the neurostimulator, the Japanese cut unsuspecting cetaceans haphazardly using harpoons and whale slaughter carving knives – as hand, and with a long handle, resembling long swords naginata. Despite the attempts of the local guards, cover whalers stop shooting scenic shots still hit the camera, and their appearance on the cinema screens caused numerous protests.

In response to the public reaction to the Japanese authorities have promised to regulate not only the face, for a few months, reducing its time (remember that hunting dolphins held for eight months), but the methods of killing – killing whales suggested cutting the mammal one of the main arteries of the head, but promised to rip up the belly ban. Then in one of the official statements of Japan for some reason, I remembered that after World War II meat dolphins was almost the only available protein product. Of course, none of the promise was not fulfilled.

Since the protests did not stop, the Japanese government announced that henceforth the slaughter of dolphins and all banned, and will be caught only a few individuals, and then only for medical experiments. Nevertheless dolphin meat continues to fall on the shelves of supermarkets and restaurants Wakayama, which serves under the guise of a whale. In the period from 1980 to 1990 dolphin meat from Wakayama served in school cafeterias.

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Since the release of the film on the screen three years have passed – in all that time hunting dolphins has not been suspended once. Today’s official fishing dolphins preserved only in Japan and the Faroe Islands – here, in the region called journalists “North Taiji” slaughter occurs for two reasons: a ceremonial act of maturation and age boys and absolutely ridiculous economic justification – supposedly all dolphins eat fish fishing , biting off a big chunk of the budget. In 1930 the Danes on hunting dolphins and whales documented Alfred Edmund Brehm, making it no less eloquent than the cameramen:

“When production ended distribution, whales begin to cut into parts, which is done as follows. Please otchlenyayut fins; then make the cut along the back, then cut into wide strips of bacon, then cut pieces of meat, taking the choicest parts for food: liver, heart, and kidneys. Then turn over the corpse on his back and peel it from this side. From each whale blubber average barrel turns, a lot of meat and fat, which are eaten both fresh and salted form. The meat of these whales just tastes better fresh. It reminds smoked, but a few tough beef. Fat for European far less acceptable. When the islanders after the catch whales a few days in a row eating a lot of whale meat and fat, their faces are shiny, just smeared with lard, and even hair shine from fat. Whale meat, raw lain more than 48 hours, is not suitable for human consumption, and acts as an emetic. Whale skin is used to make belts and replace bone stockade wall and their gardens and yards. Stomach dried, pre-inflating it with air. In the dry form, it is used as a large vessel: it is stored blubber. Only gut find no application here. They are transported to the open sea and there throw, so they do not rot on the ground and do not poison the air. “

According to statistics Sea Shepherd Society, the last hunting season 2012-2013 were killed about seven thousand dolphins. Hunt for animals trying to counter all the major environmental organizations, including PETA, the aforementioned Sea Shepherd Society, World Nature Organization, Fund for Wild Nature and Greenpeace, but their attempts are futile.

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