How to fight hackers Anonymous: 5 victims of powerful groups

Born in 2003 in the depths of  4chan  as mocking the anarchist subculture mask masks failed demolition of the British Parliament on Guy Fawkes, the group of hackers Anonymous activists in five years loudly proclaimed itself by attacking encroach on the freedom of the Internet Church of Scientology. Over the subsequent five-year period, this decentralized organization cyber guerrillas has become a very powerful force in the modern information space with his understanding of the ideals of freedom and justice. And now with this global mind reckoned anyone who dared set foot on its virtual territory.

Released from their cozy anonymous forums digital Robin Hoods began to wreak havoc and destruction across the entire network, and even offline. According to the most conservative estimates, their attacks have already been about 30 states of the U.S. and Australia to North Korea and Nigeria, many law enforcement and intelligence agencies, more than 20 companies, including giants Sony, PayPal and Warner Brothers Music, as well as three and a couple of international religious organizations (Interpol and the European Parliament). Of course, the powers that be could not safely tolerate such insolence obscure geek and huge losses from DDoS-attacks, so dozens of activists Anonymous yet  been calculated, convicted, and some – sentenced to severe prison terms .

The last victim themselves Anonymus  steel Japanese authorities conniving  cruel hunting of dolphins , which kicked off the regular season in September. For a couple of weeks, they take the tops of blogs and social networks hashtag # OpKillingBay, «Jaca” sites of Japanese companies and threaten to crack email the prime minister and other officials in case of continuation of the bloody whaling. It is not clear whether this action will be another scandal, but in connection with it, we decided to recall the largest and most high-profile attacks Anonymous hacktivists.


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In April 2011, unidentified hackers carried out a daring attack on Internet services PlayStation Network  and Qriocity Japanese corporation Sony, gaining access to personal information, including credit card numbers, 77 million registered users and freezing job sites for a month. The Western press immediately dubbed this hack largest leak of confidential information for all the digital age. Hapless employees only on the third day of the attack noticed how some of their servers themselves suddenly rebooted, and data has increased dramatically. Grouping Anonymous immediately fell under suspicion, because just in January of that year she was attacked PSN in retaliation for a lawsuit against Sony known hacker George Hotsa hacked gaming console Sony PlayStation 3. However Anonymus officially disown the new shares. Sony even removed from the organization of the charges but later found one of the servers with a typical text file “We – are legion.” After that, two members of the group still admits that he saw in his chat, as one of their friend had a conversation about the vulnerabilities of the system, similar to the PSN.


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In addition to its main enemy – the United States, representing the fangs sharks of capitalism and globalization and seek to impose censorship on the Internet under the guise of countless bloody secret services Anonymus not just declared war and many other states, finding fault even so harmless countries like New Zealand and Slovenia. However, most other hacktivists sent hordes of their botnets against the younger brother of “Uncle Sam” – Israel accused of “crimes against humanity.” In March 2012, with the support of friendly movement Occupy AIPAC, they arranged for a “crusade” to the site of large lobbying organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. A year later, with a little Anonymous already committed to more ambitious action by attacking 100,000 Israeli sites, 40,000 profiles on Facebook and five thousand accounts on Twitter. The reason for these actions served as a military operation “Cloud Pillar”, during which Israeli troops planned to attack military targets the radical Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Damages caused by hackers then evaluated in three billion dollars.

Revenge for Aaron Schwartz

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In January 2013 in New York hanged talented programmer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz, even at age 14 became a co-author of the specification RSS 1.0, and later fought for the free flow of information on the Internet. He left no suicide note, but his main problem in life and so was known to all – the guy threatened a 30-year prison sentence and a million fine for downloading a large number of documents from JSTOR online library on a laptop, located on the campus of MIT. Already two days after his death Anonymous proved that their famous motto, “We do not forget, we do not forgive” – not just empty words.Grouping cracked two sites under the domain of the university, placed there a requirement to change the American system of copyright and Schwartz manifesto on free access to information and all this accompanied by eight-version of the American national anthem.In addition, two weeks later, participants internet traffic and put the official website of the U.S. Penitentiary, where a video message posted Anonymous Operation Last Resort , noting that with this death “the U.S. crossed the line.”

Operation “Chanologiya”

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In January 2008, was loaded on YouTube promotional video ” Message to Scientology “in which Tom Cruise with fire in his eyes and enthusiasm bordering on obsession, under the theme music from the movie” Mission Impossible “painted the wonderful benefits of the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. In particular, the famous actor said that Scientologists – the only people who can help you after a car accident and rescue from addiction. Obviously, this time spetsagent overdone and failed his mission, so that the Church of Scientology decided everywhere poudalyat bad clip as inadequate degree it was high even for their psihokulta, and stated that it was filmed exclusively for domestic consumption. YouTube removed the video under threat of lawsuits, but many other news sources refused to remove the video clip because of its public importance. It was then that the first group has identified himself Anonumous world by launching a large-scale campaign “Chanologiya” – a real information war against the “brainwashed” Scientologists. Cooperate on imageboard 711chan and 4chan, in IRC-chats and social networks, legions Anonymus subjected Sites church DDoS-attacks, tortured their centers prankerskimi calls, and a month later staged a street demonstration near the New York residence of Scientology in Times Square. The same day, the streets of 100 cities around the world came seven thousand people demanding to take away the greedy Scientology tax breaks. Separate protests continued for a year and have prompted many former followers of the church to talk about her insatiable system donations.

“Operation Payback”


When in November 2010, WikiLeaks has published a secret correspondence of American diplomats, its founder Julian Assange has already provoked the serious anger the White House and coincidentally almost immediately subjected to these financial blockade by the major payment systems:  PayPal ,  Mastercard  and  Visa  froze his account and  deprived him hosting. A couple of years later the track Assange and Anonymous diverge sharply, so that they even  want to run your Wikileaks decentralization without narcissistic leader, but then hacktivists still believed they fight it out for one thing right – the free flow of online information, particularly related to hated the U.S. state apparatus. Just that autumn they uncovered their new weapon – the program “low-orbit ion cannon (LOIC)», which serves to voluntary turning your PC into a bot militant and two months furiously “DDoS” Worldwide Sites organizations protecting copyrights and threatening claims torrent tracker The Pirate Bay. Deciding to pay at the same time and for WikiLeaks, hackers turned his gun towards sites of these companies and banks, as well as the Swedish prosecutors who arrested Assange lawyer two Swedes, whom he allegedly raped, and even the site of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who called on the trouble it kill.


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