How to hijack drone

Parity, the new model can fly at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour and 165 meters (540 feet) height can be
The new model can fly at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour and 165 meters (540 feet) height


A security scientist Drone engineer Samy Kamkar claims to have invented a method by which the system of flying drones can be hijacked.

The drone platform called SkyJack that Kamkar created uses readily available components such as the Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter, a Raspberry Pi circuit board and open-source software he developed and published.


SkyJack is a drone engineered to autonomously seek out, hack, and wirelessly take over other drones within wifi distance, creating an army of zombie drones under your control.

His recent blog, clickSky Jack , he told how he tested it on parity drone.

The idea being that Kamkar wrote this blog after the announcement of the Amazon in which he said that he was to deliver to consumers via unmanned drone is experience.

He wrote “Amazon carrying equipment to control drones would be great. ”

Today Amazon announced they’re planning to use unmanned drones to deliver some packages to customers within five years. Cool! How fun would it be to take over drones, carrying Amazon packages…or take over any other drones, and make them my little zombie drones. Awesome.

Using a Parrot AR.Drone 2, a Raspberry Pi, a USB battery, an Alfa AWUS036H wireless transmitter, aircrack-ng, node-ar-drone, node.js, and my SkyJack software, I developed a drone that flies around, seeks the wireless signal of any other drone in the area, forcefully disconnects the wireless connection of the true owner of the target drone, then authenticates with the target drone pretending to be its owner, then feeds commands to it and all other possessed zombie drones at my will.

SkyJack also works when grounded as well, no drone is necessary on your end for it to work. You can simply run it from your own Linux machine/Raspberry Pi/laptop/etc and jack drones straight out of the sky.

Samy Kamkar was once convicted of creating the Samy computer worm that knocked out MySpace back in 2005. Now he is devoting his tech skills to legit cyber-security research. Hacking the drone-drone is His Latest creation, Which May A chill to send Those Inspired by Amazon’s recent Announcement That it Will use Small Remote-controlled Aircraft Deliveries in for A few years’ time.


Since 2010, more than five million  drones have been sold.

UPS package service company and Domino’s Pizza are among the companies that are doing research on the use of technology.

Security experts say that if these companies started using this technology, but they will not ignore security.



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