8 inspiring art installations (25 photos)

We believe that art, especially contemporary art should serve the people. And cool art installation – this is not something strange and fascinating action, which are determined to be partaker.



And it’s great that more and more artists around the world share our conviction. Entire parks, museums and streets become a place where creativity and imagination reigns.

We try not to miss anything interesting, offering you an annual compilation of the coolest and inspiring art installations. See a new batch of modern art for the people in 2013.

Winter Festival of Lights

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The main attraction of the Japanese Botanical Garden Naba But Sato is saving lighting. Every year from mid-November to mid-March, the entire territory of the park, including water, style LED lights.

With a fear of heights Trespassing

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Installation, on which you can and should climb, opened this summer in the Art Museum «K21 Ständehaus” in Dusseldorf. Under the dome of the building at a height of over 20 meters pulled level 3 grid, separated by a huge mirrored and transparent balloons. Like spiders, people can move on air design, not seeing the soil under their feet, balancing on a swinging grid.

Mirror Maze

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One walks on Sydney Hyde Park is enough to dive into something surreal: a group of New Zealand Architects has transformed the park into a huge maze of more than eighty mirrors.

Rain, which did not dampen

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In Hall Arts Centre Barbican Centre studio Random International rain created from which you can get away with it. Under the ceiling in an area of ​​100 sq.m. equipped with “rain shower”, simulating rainfall. Water flow is synchronized with motion sensors. When approaching a person at a certain distance drops change the trajectory so that the visitor Rain Room stays dry.At the same time the audience creates the overall impression that the person who is inside, walks in the rain.

Mirror house

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In London, a very successful exhibition Leandro Erlich. Art project “House of Mirrors” – one of the most popular artist installations. Looking at the picture, it seems that people fearlessly climb the facade of a multistory building, jumping from balconies and hanging from the eaves.

Thousands of balloons

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Hall Galleries Bockenheimer Depot filled with thousands of balloons. Scattered Crowd installation reflects the interaction between people and the space. Visitor decides how close is the contact: you can just move without contact between balls or try to touch them.

Creative mess

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Salvador Dali

Contemporary French artist Bernard Pra recreates “portraits” of famous personalities from scrap materials. Picture “formed” when viewed from a certain angle, and the changing perspective illusion “crumbles” and verified the composition is a random set of unnecessary things. The process of creating unusual paintings, and the importance of contemplation at a certain angle, you can look at the artist’s website.

Sky of umbrellas

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This summer, the streets of a small Portuguese town of Agueda flooded thousands of bright umbrellas, almost completely eclipsed the sky and protect the inhabitants from rain and sun.Extravaganza of colors, hung over the heads of passers-by in the form of colorful domes of different sizes and colors, can be called a festival called Portuguese umbrellas Umbrella Sky.



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