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Celebrities who died in car accidents (9 photos)

Last Saturday in a traffic accident killed a man who instilled a love for cars, speed and adrenaline to a whole generation, the star of the series “Fast and Furious” Paul Walker. Together with his friend, driver Roger Rodas he returned from a charity auto show. Roger greatly exceeded the speed limit, lost control and red Porsche Carrera GT broke out, crashing into a tree …

Alas, Paul Walker is not the first celebrity who became a victim of speed. Here are just some of the big names from the long and sad list:
buckle_01James Dean

Porsche 550 «Spyder»

He had the only two films to become the idol of American youth. Like Paul Walker, Dean not only shone under the rays of the spotlight, but also on the racetrack. He loved to drive fast, but in those days it was dangerous even on the slopes, not to mention the public roads …
buckle_01Viktor Tsoi


Choi fell asleep at the wheel, flew into the opposite lane and collided with the bus. The blow was so strong that one of the wheels of his car was never found.
buckle_01Jayne Mansfield

1966 Buick Electra 225

Jane – Marilyn Monroe’s main rival in the battle for the title of the main sex symbol of the 50s – was in a hurry for a morning interview. Truck, got in the way of its Buick, had nowhere to hurry …
buckle_01Barack Obama Sr.

Renault 4

In the list there is even a sad name of Barack Obama. Older. Yes, Dad current U.S. president has repeatedly got into a serious accident, and one of them proved to be too serious.
buckle_01Princess Diana

Mercedes-Bens S 280

In this accident, which occurred on the night of August 31, 1997, remains unclear. According to the official investigation, the driver, Henri Paul, at the time of the accident was drunk. But why should he have to go so fast?
buckle_01General George Smith Patton

Cadillac 75

Patton took two world wars, and died in Germany, December 9, 1945. He was returning from the hunt for pheasants with Hobardom gay when their truck hit 75 Cadillac GMC.
buckle_01Valery Kharlamov


Kharlamov wife Irina lost control on a slippery road – tame 24th “Volga” in such circumstances is difficult inexperienced driver – and the car washed up on the opposite lane, directly under the wheels of ZIL, packed full of spare parts.
buckle_01Grace Kelly

Rover SD1

She is known as an outstanding actress as Princess of Monaco and just as a very beautiful woman. As a very beautiful woman with great taste: it was the last car Rover SD1 with a 3.5-liter V8

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