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Turkish cultural invasion of Pakistan TV

Ottoman Turks empire range was not as wide as ever in today’s Pakistan’s cultural invasion by Turkey of today’s TV industry and Pakistan’s conservative Islamic values, however, there have been endangered.


Muscat International Film Festival, Turkey's share in a TV serial 'light' of the main actors
Muscat International Film Festival, Turkey’s share in a TV serial ‘light’ of the main actors

Viewers of Turkish television serials in Pakistan are quite popular, but some Pakistani artists and politicians are not happy with the situation. Because that is where most of the women are wearing shalwar kameez in a heavy cloak that in which they covered almost the entire body is visible in some Turkish drama actresses are wearing mini askrts hide their bodies and their costumes are rather prominent.


Pakistani television serials that show up and watched the series began last year to grip the audience took their serials. Regional TV channels are very attractive for the Pakistani drama serials too costly to develop While this will have to give up cereals prices are very cheap. then Turkey also plays most spectacular costumes worn by actors and actresses, and their set B are large and lavish.

Drama Serial shooting scene in Turkey

Pakistani television actor Abid Ali port city of Karachi today, the latest in a TV serial ‘my own’ recordings are busy. Turkish invasion serials speaking Abid Ali, told the Associated Press news agency ” It is a big challenge. Turkish drama productions are very expensive, which our industry can not afford.”

This simple set of serial Abid Ali’s statement is confirmed. Entire episode affluent area of ​​Karachi rented a small house for a shot in the drawing room and porch. ‘My own’, a female The story of life is disappointing, whose parents have died.

In Pakistan today, the most popular Turkish TV series “My Sultan is’. Powerful Ottoman ruler Suleiman the Magnificent in this story explained his seat so stunning and beautiful in the same time to match Costumes are also used.

Pakistan’s top entertainment TV channel count in the ‘Hum TV’ Athar Waqar Azeem, senior vice president, said “Turkish drama serials have driven many reasons behind the success. Pakistanis refreshing, sophisticated and beautiful places and are attracting new faces.

He argues that a Pakistani TV station aired an installment of the drama nearly two thousand dollars to the costs of an installment of a Pakistani serial production comes at a cost four times.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself in his homeland tv serials as ‘national afdarky profit’ attribute

Turkish politicians are also concerned over the popularity of dramas. Late last year, the Senate Committee on Information and Broadcasting had expressed his concern that the Turkish drama not only Pakistan’s TV industry are damaged but the local cultural values ​​are threatened.

‘My own’ fellow actress Javeria Abbasi, Abid Ali Supported said, ‘If any Pakistani actress wearing miniskirts, then people will never accept it, but these costumes are becoming popular Turkish actress. ”

Turkey is a country with a Muslim majority Pakistan has liberal than the primary. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Turkish serials are not happy with. Erdogan last year, my Sultan, had accused the producers of He tried to play with people who are.

Pakistani Supreme Court, appearing on local television programs ‘porn’ has termed blasted. Court to neighboring India, specifically referred to these programs, which was also the very first Turkish serials Pakistan has been popular and have become a concern for many. Bollywood films in Pakistan has damaged the local film industry.

Turkish serials invasion encounter only in Pakistan and not in the Middle East scholars and non-Islamic, calling the channel changed to have asked for., Oxford Business Group reported in 2011 in Turkey and more than twenty countries over a hundred TV serials are exported to more than sixty million dollars of revenue.


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