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79-year-old serial killer Charles Manson was going to marry a 25-year-old girl (43 photos)

World famous serial killer Charles Manson gave interviews to the press that he was going to get married in the near future on the 25-girl, and, according to him, in the age of 79 years for him is not a problem. Read on.

The fact that 79-year-old Manson currently lives quietly side by side with the most notorious villains of America, is one of the most bizarre and controversial statements in an interview that prepares two years. The magazine Manson describe as “a superstar with a face and a symbol of evil things, which is second only to Hitler.” The most striking part interview was a statement that Manson married his 25-year-old “female fan” named Star – so he nicknamed her.


This girl moved closer to the prison, which sits Manson when she was 19 years old. She carved on his forehead X sign – something like a symbol that unites all the followers of Manson, who flaunts a tattoo on his forehead swastika. This couple posing in a prison where serial killer, most likely, and to finish his dfni. But most of all the public was shocked how much star similar to another girl gang Manson followers – Susan Atkins.


Susan Atkins in the 60s. Manson She was the mistress and one of his followers, who, on his orders, committed brutal murders, including the murder of his wife Sharon Tate Roman Polanski, who was on the eighth month of pregnancy. Star claims that did not look like “this bitch on Atkins.” Susan Atkins, died in prison in 2009.


Star manages multiple sites, which calls for the release of Manson. She says she always knew she would marry him. “Frankly, we’re getting married, Charlie. When – we do not know, but for me this is very serious. Charlie is my husband. He told me to give you this. We still did not tell anyone. ” But when interviewed by Manson himself, he was not so interested. “Oh, that, it is only trash. Well, you know, garbage. We just play for the public. ”


A star is born in St. Louis, Missouri, in a religious family. Parents locked her in her room when she refused to go to church. Then she became addicted to drugs. In high school, a friend told her about Manson, and decided to write him a star. At age 19, she took $ 2,000 savings and jumped on a train to California.

Now she visits him every Saturday and Sunday for five hours a day. She says that her parents not only do not hate it, but they even invited him to stay if he ever gets out of prison. “I want us to pobyli alone, but in this room visits are always so many people.”

“But this is the only time when I can see it. It’s hard. But things are changing. Who knows what will happen next? “Manson Star communicate with 63-year-old Craig Carlisle Hammond, who in March of this year, tried to smuggle into prison cell phone. This raised fears that Manson has too much freedom.

If the marriage takes place, it will be for Manson is not the first – he already has two ex-wives and at least three children. In 1954 he married Rosalie Willis, but they divorced in 1957, when he was imprisoned for car theft.Released from prison in 1958, he married a prostitute Candy Stevens. But she filed for divorce, when he again went to jail.


In an interview with Manson also hinted that her sexuality it more “flexible” than said before. “For me, sex – it’s like going to the toilet. Girl or not, does not matter. I do not play this game boy-girl. “

Among the victims of the “family” Manson was actress Sharon Tate – the wife of film director Roman Polanski.In 1969, followers of Manson (Manson himself was not with them, but they acted on his orders) came to their house, when it was Sharon and her three friends. It was a real massacre. Sharon Tate died from 16 stab wounds on the body. She was eight months pregnant.

On the following night “family” severely dealt with random family business Lin and Rosemary La Bianca at their home in Los Angeles. In the photo: Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski.

This cruelty was so reckless and brutal that the infamous Manson and his family spread across the country and went abroad. Manson has always maintained that society has made him the way he was.

The indictment the prosecutor said that Manson acted “hectic.” After the hearing, he was sentenced for life for the murder of Tate and seven people



That prosecutor Vincent Bagliosi theorized that Manson emboldened his followers to start a “race war”, after which the black that would have won it would have begged him to be their leader, because they could not govern themselves.

Manson loved the Beatles. That is why one of the most striking of his followers – Susan Atkins – he nicknamed Sexy Sadie – in honor of the Beatles songs. In the photo: Susan Atkins in court. She participated in all eight killings “family.”

His future wife, nicknamed Star remarkably similar to Susan Atkins, although she denies it and refers to Susan scornfully.

Manson prosecutor’s theory of race war is not supported. “It does not make sense,” – he said. In the photo: Manson follower (left to right) Susan Atkins, Patricia and Leslie Krenvinkl bathrooms Houten in 1970 before the hearing on charges of participating in eight murders.

After the verdict Manson prosecutor wrote a novel of 600 pages titled “muddle”, which sold over 7 million copies since 1974. It made millionaire prosecutor.

Now the prosecutor lives in California, is battling cancer and periodically gives interviews. “In a world of so many crazies, far more terrible than Manson, so why are we still talking about him?” – He exclaims.

Star shaved bald and cut on his forehead X sign in honor of Manson.

Manson has always said that no one inspired by the murder, that to blame themselves followers. “If you’re talking about the murder, and the murder took place, then you are guilty,” – says this prosecutor.

In the photo: Manson in prison in July this year. Bruise obtained as a result of the fact that he fell from his bunk.

Manson still remembers Vincent Bagliosi – prosecutor, who did all that he was convicted. He’s still mad at him.

About his victims Manson speaks more than obscene “She (referring to Sharon Tate) Hollywood star. How many people she killed on the screen? She sought all his body. And if she is so beautiful, why was in bed with another man when it happened? “In the photo: prison, which contains Manson and another 15 dangerous criminals.

The worst thing that Manson is allowed to do so many calls as he wants, if they do not exceed 15 minutes and recorded. In the photo: Manson at age 34 in 1969, after he was arrested.

Erik Hedegaard, who interviewed Manson remembers calling him in jail quite often.

Manson can call at any time of day or night. It’s not illegal.

Hedegaard recalled that, at times, their conversation came to a standstill because he could not understand what Manson says. Manson once told a reporter that kill people – it is good and for the good of the environment.”If someone is killed, God willing. Without killing we have no chance. “

Craig Carlisle Hammond – another “fan” Manson.

Recently he tried to smuggle a meeting with Manson cell phone.

Rumors that the prison Corcoran Manson have special honors go to have a long and hard.

They say its visitors are allowed to eat popcorn that is simply unthinkable, we are talking about violent criminals, who was convicted for life.

During an interview with Manson was eating chocolate, pumpkin pie, popcorn, strawberry cheesecake and peanut butter – all organized his beloved “wifey” Star.

Every morning Manson comes out of his chamber, goes to lunch, picks up a bag of food, returned to his cell, lunch, asleep again, goes for a walk and then played chess with other inmates.

Then he has dinner and returned to his cell at 20:45. While Manson complains of air conditioning in the prison, which “simply kill me.” Journalist recalls that Manson admitted to him that he wrote a song about his conclusion, which was called “In my cell,” but then a group allegedly stole the Beach Boys song, changed the words and changed its name to “In my room.” Of course, this is nonsense. In the photo: drawing of one of Manson fans.

Manson moves frequently, using a cane, but the journalist notes that a serial killer is often dancing and goes pretty quickly.

Initially, Manson and other members of his “family” were convicted: the death penalty, but they were lucky, the California Supreme Court declared the death penalty unconstitutional, and the sentence was changed to life

Manson had several opportunities to apply for parole, but he always refused. Next application can be submitted only after 15 years, when he will have 92 years.

Manson refused to TV, but used to love watching the TV series “Gunsmoke” and “Sesame Street” (in Spanish).

Manson long recognized musician loser who’s crazy about the Beatles. All day long he loves to play guitar.

Each year it receives thousands of letters. Sometimes he responds to requests to sign his picture. Then he signed it as “Hippie cult leader made me do it.” Model prisoner he did not name – for the time he spent in jail, he broke the rules 108 times.

Sometimes, it happens breakdowns when he yells, “I offender, I was thuggin, I rebel, I’m desperate, and I do not shoot in the air to prevent.”

About how the public took his assassination in 1969, he says: “Yes, everyone has an opinion, everyone remembered it differently. Sooner or later we have to take someone else’s point of view. But this point – only part of the puzzle. “

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