Supercar Devel Sixteen: devil of Arab sheikh

Supercar Devel Sixteen: devil of Arab sheikh

“We have optically oriented us to the U.S. F-15 fighter aircraft,” Rashid al-Attar is quoted by the English-language newspaper “The National” from Abu Dhabi. And: “The car is to show that Dubai may also be involved in the automotive industry at the world’s best.” Attar is the vice president of the company Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry, short Devel, which he founded with his two brothers in Dubai. Their first project is to make everything right so far excels is in the automotive industry: the  Devel Sixteen – giperkar capacity of 5000 hp! and the Website   Devel Sixteen.

“We wanted to build a car with 1000 hp, but there was already the Bugatti Veyron, so we had to put our sights higher,” said Attar. So simple can explain how the plan for a car with an engine power produced from 5000 hp So. Born to be the brute force of a 7.2-liter V16 engine that was supposedly developed by a U.S. company, but its production is to be relocated to Dubai.Further details are not known, the website of the Arab company is not immediately accessible.

After all, there are the reports of the Motor Show. The images and footage of the ultra-sports car at the booth showing a wild and rugged two-seater that looks like a Lamborghini on Halloween – scary. The two exhaust pipes at the rear are absurdly large and shaped like turbines.Supposedly they spin when the car drives.

Incidentally, this is an interesting point, because it can not even drive the car. First, there are some missing details such as the seat belts in the interior, secondly, there are currently no tires, the 560 km / h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 1.8 seconds come even remotely clear with 5000 hp, the search for clutch and transmission is likely to be difficult.

Supposedly there are already first prospective

When Bugatti Veyron (1001 HP, 407 km / h) prepared the construction of the 110-pound seven-speed dual-clutch transmission considerable difficulties and the development of special tires for the car took almost five years to complete. The thing with the tire is really a problem, Attar admits, but it is working with several companies on a solution.Rather than talk about the technical details, the makers of Devel Sixteen about their future plans. In the latest 14 months, the first finished model will be sold six copies per year are planned. Supposedly there are already interested.”A billionaire from the U.S. called me and said he wanted to come over at the Motor Show to see our car,” Attar says in “The National”.

Not all share the enthusiasm of the Devel-makers. “Until we do not see the car on the road, we call it bullshit,” writes the U.S. auto blog “Jalopnik”. Currently, the car is nothing more than a “collection of data insane,” it says in the blog “Motor Authority”. What Is one to add?Perhaps this: As long as those cars remain wild dreams, they are at least entertaining.

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Devel Sixteen: The first supercar from the United Arab Emirates is equal to dash to the top of the automotive world. At the Dubai Motor Show, the model was presented Devel Sixteen, an extreme racer with sixteen cylinder engine making 5000 hp and 560 km / h should be fast.

11103901.076918.66382 Supercar Devel Sixteen: devil of  Arab sheikh

Inspiration: the interior of the extreme sports car sprayed a little charm, the mix of high-tech appearance and reasonable macho tuning does not work. A real problem but the driver’s footwell is expected to be close. Driving fast can be so anyway just straight.

11103901.076918.66383 Supercar Devel Sixteen: devil of  Arab sheikh

Jagged appearance: As a visual example, the makers of the Devel Sixteen say the U.S. F-15 fighter jet had served.

11103901.076918.66384 Supercar Devel Sixteen: devil of  Arab sheikh

Absurd conclusion: The two fat exhaust pipes at the rear ends. Thus, the illusion of turbines and thus the optical proximity to the fighter jet is still amazing, by the way, should also rotate with the engine running yet.




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