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XX century car accident that claimed the lives of celebrities

No exaggeration to say that the history of land vehicles began with the invention of the wheel. But times change, accelerating the pace of life, and now we have no way to do without cars, they have become indispensable, with their help, we can quickly cover the distance and get in slozhnodostupnye destinations.

However, cars are often played a fatal role. In our selection of the biggest car crash XX century, in which famous people died.

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The victim of a terrible accident was a famous American dancer Isadora Duncan. The founder of the so-called “free” dance, extremely relaxed bohemian star seduced already attained popularity at the time of the poet Sergei Yesenin and even became his wife of two years in the early 1920s. The actress also wrote several philosophical books on women demonstrate independence through dance.



n 1927, the 50-year-old dancer was vacationing in Nice. One day she wore a favorite red scarf (shortly before the events Duncan ideological “adopted” communism) and decided to ride the new Bugatti, which was just beginning to develop. After a moment, Isadora was dead – caught in the spokes of a rotating wheel scarf strangled her.

Both absurd and tragic death of Isadora Duncan previously was preceded by a car accident which deprived the lives of two of her children.



Actor James Dean became a superstar, just starring in three films – “East of Eden,” “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Giant,” which came out in the year of his death. In these pictures, the young actor has presented a difficult image of a person with mental torments, halting speech, and the awakening of sensuality. James Dean – the only actor who has twice been nominated for “Oscar” posthumously. The tragic death of the legends and myths that have shrouded his life, created the iconic status of his personality.



September 30, 1955 James Dean together with the mechanic Rolf Vyuterihom left on Porsche 550 sports «Spyder» to the place where it was planned to participate in a car race. Dean was driving on the road «US Route 466″ (later renamed the «State Route 46″) near the town of Kholam in California, where black and white «Ford Custom Tudor» in 1950, and managed to move towards a 23-year-old student at California Polytechnic University Donald Tornpsidom, turned at the fork in the road «State Route 41″, crossing the path of Dean’s car without noticing it. Two cars collided nearly head-on. Rolf Vyuterih was seriously injured. James Dean died on the way to the hospital without regaining consciousness.



The French writer Albert Camus was one of the few followers of literary style, later called existentialism. Nobel Prize winner and humanist by conviction, he struggled in his work with a fatal absurdity of life, and even when life got the nickname “The conscience of the West.”

The famous author’s most popular works had many plans for the future, but they did not come true because of the accident, which happened on the way to Paris.



January 4, 1960 the writer and his family went to the French car Facel Vega II. At some point, the car lost control and flew off the road. Camus was killed instantly, his wife and daughter survived.



Jayne Mansfield was one of those sexy blondes who admired the strong half of humanity in the middle of the last century. Because of the resemblance is often compared to Marilyn Monroe, and when the main sex symbol of the era is gone, the film studio 20th Century Fox has appointed her as Jane Mansfield.



June 28, 1967 Jane went to the car-trip to New Orleans. With her in the car Buick Electra were the driver, her boyfriend and three children. About 2 o’clock in the morning their car collided with a wagon, being completely under the truck. Three adults who were sitting in the front seat were killed instantly, while the children who were in the rear car seats, by happy coincidence, received only minor injuries.

Jane’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 34 years.



The fate of the mother of the current Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert, Grace Patricia Kelly was full of highlights. Reference beauty Grace was able to make a reality of the wildest dreams of many girls of the planet: to become a famous actress and marry a prince, or rather for the monarch.



Nothing seemed no signs of trouble, but sunny day September 13, 1982 Princess Grace ran the car Rover P6 3500 V8, which also was her daughter Stephanie. Suddenly, the princess had a stroke, she lost consciousness, and the car fell off the mountain cliff.

Fortunately, Stephanie survived the accident, but her mother died in the emergency room the next day.

11. On the night of August 31, 1997 in a car accident that took place in an underground tunnel under the area of ​​Alma in Paris, died a “people’s princess” Lady Diana.

The reason for this “car accident century” is still not completely clear, there are several different versions of the driver’s drunkenness, the need to go at the speed of paparazzi harassment, as well as a variety of conspiracy theories. The only surviving passenger car Mercedes S280, bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones, received severe injuries, lost his memory and can not provide any information about the investigation of the accident.


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