5 myths about Hugh Jackman
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5 myths about Hugh Jackman

October 12th our favorite Hugh Jackman turns 45 years old. On this occasion, we have decided to recall all of the most common myths about the artist – not fair that most information on the Web Jackman are they. Now we’re ready to refute all the rumors and speculation and to tell you the truth about a brilliant actor, sexy men and an exemplary family man.

Myth number 1: Hugh Jackman has a great figure on the nature

His bare torso was driving us crazy ten years ago and now brings. Girls see the actor’s name in the credits and happily rubbing their hands: the time to enjoy the ideal male figure. But few know what it takes to Jackman allegedly negligent skidyvanie shirt front of the camera, especially in the last few years. It’s hard to believe that Jackman endomorphic body type and he is inclined to corpulence. Therefore, Hugh disappears for days at the gym, where as got pushed and shakes his post.

“I realized that I could not keep myself in perfect shape all the time. I now ask the directors to warn me for 6-7 weeks prior to the stage where you have to take off my shirt, so I can go to her at the peak of physical ability, “- Hugh Jackman recently admitted in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Natural tenacity and perseverance Aussie help him patiently endure endless dieting and a strict system of exercises. For transformation in Jackman’s Wolverine with special technology was developed. “This is my version of the diet bodybuilding champion, who wakes up at four in the morning, he was waiting for eggs on toast and a boiled chicken breast, and then he lies down and gets up again at six – to eat more chicken breast before the next training session,” – said enthusiastically Jackman in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Myth number 2: Hugh Jackman calm docile nature

Jackman constantly paints in an interview that he developed an angelic patience and calm. In fact, it is not: Jackman was born in Australia – on the dangerous desert continent, and the ability to fight and win in his blood. “We’ve only been here 20 million – he told journalists Rolling Stone, – and do not have to choose. We must be ready to get in the face, if the angle of attack due! “.

Hugh Michael Jackman – Australian in the first generation. He is the youngest of five children, Chris Jackman and his wife, Grace, emigrants from England. Mother abandoned the family when Hugh was only eight years old. Suddenly he was a lonely child, who looks after his older brothers and sisters.

“In fact, the role of Wolverine – excellent therapy in terms of anger management: Wolverine too angry all the time. As a child, I was the youngest in the family and I remember he was ready to kill his brothers. It’s good that I did not have claws “- laughing Jackman in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

According to Jackman, at home, he is quite calm and happy, but in Canada, or Eastern Europe, where the lion’s share of blockbusters removed, from a surplus of adrenaline, he just does not throw in the fencing film sets. No wonder – remember all his self-restraint to maintain its perfect shape!

Myth number 3: Hugh Jackman gay stare

The foreign press is still rumored that Hugh Jackman – gay. Foreign media appeal primarily to the fact that Hugh is married to a woman who is older than him by 13 years. Deborah, of course, not a beauty, but because Jackman with his appearance would afford an affair almost from the “Miss Universe.” In addition, Furness and Jackman has two adopted children: 13-year-old son Oscar, and 8-year-old daughter Ava. Deborah herself for medical reasons can not have children.

On reflection suggests the fact that engagement rings Hugh and Deborah engraved in Sanskrit: “We dedicate our union is something higher.” Once this fact was widely known over the spouses Jackman became almost openly laugh.

But at the time, Deborah cleverly reflected all the speculation, telling about the reaction of the spouses at the dirty rumors U.S. magazine Page Six Magazine: «Hugh and I constantly see the headlines:” Wolverine – gay? Who would have thought, “but try not to pay attention to them. It’s a real tragedy when people do not have better to do than to gossip about what they do not know. ”

Myth number 4: Hugh Jackman wanted to be an actor since adolescence

Childhood Hugh seemed to him particularly happy: small Jackman still missed his mother. Kind of “normality” for a long time was his main dream, and the first time he wanted to become an accountant, like his father.

“As a child I studied the night atlases, because perceived as mossy home province – says the actor in an interview with Glamour. – And in the end I thought that I would be a chef on a plane. I quickly grasped: they have food and you can find a job in the shower. I seriously thought it was better not to find things. ”

When Hugh was nineteen, he suddenly went into the center of the continent to build houses for Aboriginal people. Jackman almost remained in the wilderness forever, feeling “at one with nature.” But his father persuaded him to finish college.

Speaking about this period of his life, the actor again draws a parallel with Wolverine, for which finding meaning of life has become a major concern.Hugh cope with this problem is less painful than his character: he took to acting class. It was for him a kind of challenge, which is then turned into a call of destiny, and began: “X-Men,” “Kate and Leopold,” “Les Miserables” … Over the last film, we recall, Hugh Jackman won the highest award in the movie business – the “Oscar”.

Myth number 5: Hugh Jackman loves to be photographed

Everywhere you look – on most shots and Hugh and his wife pose for photographers with a broad smile. It seems that Jackman really enjoys fame, but it’s not that simple. “First, the popularity of both me and my family was very flattering that much to hide. But very soon start to feel the object of a mad hunt. Now, I am not laughing at your friends that hire security guards and move dashes. Around the lack madmen who may find the photos of my children, and shudder to think what could happen, “- said Hugh uneasily in an interview with Glamour.

Let us remember that eloquent case where some fan threw a smile to her actor electric razor with a scream, “Marry me!”.

“That’s what I say, totally crazy, so the paparazzi I’m no great love. But I understand – they also have a family to feed, – Jackman told the magazine Glamour. – With the paparazzi in New York, I can not agree, saying that let me turn it as you ask, remove a couple of shots, and then go away and let us spend some quiet time with the children. But in Los Angeles star photographers simply do not give a rest. So I think sometimes, do not go back there permanently to Australia. ”

Well, we already know how busy right now the favorite of all of America – it is shot in the next part of the saga of mutants, “X-Men: Days of future past,” and the tradition once again stuck in the gym for workouts. Interestingly, Hugh himself with some irony refers to the “fountain of youth” of his character.”Well, what I’m a superhero? I’m 45, and I almost broke my neck on the last leg of shooting, refusing the services of an understudy. Actor Hugh Jackman is getting older, but the unfortunate Wolverine will have to fight and fight. However, Hugh Jackman in between battles Wolverine and can sing and dance, and even a couple of ceremonies “Oscar” hold. ”




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