Between the Lines iOS 7

Between the Lines iOS 7

Several new features iOS 7, which is not visible at first glance. hardball controversy revolved around the new operating system IOS 7 almost immediately after its publication. In particular, the question was raised whether it is worth the owners of devices Apple, right-quiet running on a previous version of the OC, update it at all, risking join the ranks of those who do not like the “Seven.” To support those who have decided to still come forward, we briefly describe some of the functions of IOS 7, which is not exactly forced to regret the decision.

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Exit all applications

It is not that IOS 7 has become more economical in terms of energy consumption, but features such as the output from multiple applications at a time, just a couple of touches, saves battery. Just double-click Home, and then, using three fingers, you will leave at once from the three applications.

Blocking contact

Using the function block unwanted contacts, you can be sure that you will no longer bother harassing calls.

Own vibration

If a significant portion of the time your iPhone holds in silent mode, then why not do more varied even vibration. Just go to “Settings> Sounds> Ringtone> Vibration” and select your rhythm.

Timestamp posts

Move all received and sent messages to the left of the screen, so that at any moment to recall the chronology of viewing the history of correspondence.

Night mode browser

If using a smart phone as a navigator in the car, night mode at night, it will be less distracting and not blind.

Grouping icons 

Not to produce on the home screen icons myriad of different applications, use the unlimited space of folders, which can be quickly distributed labels, and then – just as quickly to find the right one. Now folders are dimensionless.

Automatic updates

Finally, now do not have to go on iTunes, to update the installed applications. Enough to set up an automatic check for and install new versions of commonly used applications, and at one point, you can not just find a familiar interface.


Now complete with a compass that can find their way around the world, and delivered a precise level. The ideal tool for perfectionists for whom painting is always hanging evenly enough.




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