The FBI and the CIA were involved in the deaths of stars

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The brilliant Marilyn Monroe, idols of several generations of John Lennon and Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. Premature death of idols still raises questions, the answers to which, in some versions, to be found in the White House, the FBI and the CIA.
Marilyn Monroe, 1962

Here, everything is clear. She was killed because she knew too much about the affairs of the Kennedy brothers. “Robert was here, threatened and screamed at me … I have an affair with him … I had an affair with John F. Kennedy “- Marilyn recognized the eve of his death. Robert called in the morning of her death, to warn that it will never called to the White House. Marilyn was sobbing, “I’m afraid … I know too many dangerous secrets in Washington. ”

The fact that the brothers had to sooner or later “cut” Monroe, is not surprising. Have fun with it was foolhardy. Both were married men, and while adultery almost always ended his political career collapse. In addition, Kennedy talked too much with Monroe. She kept a diary, which outlined a conversation with the President and his brother. There were records of such secrets as the military operations in Vietnam and the crusade against the Mafia, to address political rivals, testing of advanced nuclear bombs …

Could the head of the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover let the main secrets of the country in the hands of girls, leading uninhibited lifestyle, alcohol abusers, and to sympathize with the Communists? Her fate was sealed. When the star was found dead, the case immediately classified. Only years later the coroner admitted that he had been forced to sign a phony verdict, in which the cause of death was called a suicide.

John Lennon, 1980

For many years it was believed that the murder of the The Beatles was a loner – a Mark Chapman, a crazed botanist and a drug addict, who saw in Lennon idol, but mortally jealous of his talent and wealth. However, not long ago came to light version that defies conventional wisdom. Daily Mail wrote that Chapman was a puppet. In reality, the plan to kill Lennon was developed by the CIA to order part of the American establishment. This version supports a number of inconsistencies on which the “official version.”

It is assumed that Chapman was recruited by the CIA during his travels around the world. The route passes through his wanderings Beirut – in those days the main hive of CIA spy. Here was located one of the top-secret offices of the Agency preparation of political assassinations. Another camp for mercenaries CIA was in Hawaii, where Chapman lived for several years.

Finally, the nature of the injuries Lennon’s handwriting indicates U.S. intelligence employed by them even in liquidation of John F. Kennedy. In both cases at the murder scene was also a second shooter, to insure a “scapegoat.” And since the investigation immediately took on the version of the single, it is logical to assume that the bosses of the FBI consisted of conspiring with colleagues from the CIA.

Why Lennon got to their hit list? The right wing of the American government was frightened by his strong pacifist campaign. Do not forget that during the “Cold War” life public figure, openly opposing the authorities with the left-leaning, did not cost the U.S. almost nothing. Lennon could throw a socialist slogan in mass and deploy thousands of its fans, which means that Lennon was dangerous …

Bob Marley, 1981

CIA attempts on his life several times. The popularity of Bob Marley in Jamaica was enormous, his anti-colonial and leftist convictions and were not secret. A main objective of the United States at that time was to prevent the transition of Jamaica, like Cuba, the socialist camp. Leaders and militants of the local Labour party accepted in the United States at the highest level, personally Presidents Nixon and Carter. To curb the growing popularity of the People’s National Party of Jamaica, they received money and arms straight out of Washington … Bob Marley has managed to combine the two warring parties at his concert Peace Love in 1978. Jamaican to win the election, not having received the approval of Bob Marley, was virtually impossible.

There are different versions of the death of the musician, leading to Washington, DC, most of them at first glance look frankly ridiculous. If it were not for one thing: it is known that in his time the same means – Black Magic and boots with poisoned spikes – used by the Americans to eliminate Fidel Castro, but with him it did not work. Anyway, there is reason to believe that the terrible diagnosis – cancer of the feet – was the result of a convoluted attempt by the CIA. Further treatment in European hospitals only worsened the disease – to the point in the surroundings of Jamaican musicians were already implemented the American intelligence officers that he “healed.”

Kurt Cobain, 1994

Suicide notes Nirvana leader said that he was in a serious double with the CIA. “Today was a good day. But they appeared. I took a shower and saw a black car in front of my house. I really do not know what I can do. They are getting stronger and stronger, “- says Kurt. Two weeks later, he died.

There is a theory that Cobain was the victim of a global experiment by the CIA. The fact is that in Langley long been concerned with how black radicalism penetrates into the minds of white teenagers. To combat this, security forces pushed the idea of ​​national separatism among white youth performers. In this regard, grunge movement led by Nirvana, actively supported by the CIA. “They wanted to divide youngsters on racial lines, as if black and white children are connected, they are a serious threat to the system – fans complain about Cobain. – Grange, according to the U.S. authorities, was to instill in young people a sense of hopelessness, fill them with self-hatred, to limit their interest to change the world. ” There is a theory that Cobain was pushed to suicide when he wanted to get rid of the cap CIA. Perhaps the decision to withdraw from life and he took Cobain, seeing it as the only way to be free …

Michael Jackson, 2009

The need to eliminate pop icons caused by the same factors as in the cases of murder of Lennon and Marley. Michael was the ruler of millions of minds, but in the last years of his life began to take an active pacifist and anti-American stance. This permeated all of his music videos and shows. It is believed that the last straw was his intention to turn his sold-out concerts in the UK in the “platform” for the prevention of human biological genocide unfolded with the filing of Washington.

It is about a fearless Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister. She has authored a number of lawsuits against the major pharmaceutical companies and provided evidence of the existence in the U.S. of high lobbyists, international bankers, Fed officials, WHO, UN and NATO. Their goal was to spread rumors about the global pandemic “bird” and “swine flu” for embracing mandatory vaccination of U.S. and Europe. This operation would bring them billions of dollars.

Among those involved in the scandal, U.S. President Barack Obama, UN Coordinator for Influenza David Nabarro, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, Minister of Health Kathleen Sebelius and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, United States.Now imagine for a moment what kind of response would cause a massive propaganda show Michael clear indication on the enemies of the human race …

He died of toxic poisoning, the doctor appeared in court, but the strings are pulled in a far more high offices.



The FBI and the CIA were involved in the deaths of stars
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