5 major attractions of Guinea-Bissau
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5 major attractions of Guinea-Bissau

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Guinea-Bissau – is a former Portuguese colony in West Africa. The land of the country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The state can be divided into two parts: the mainland and the island. Tourism now accounts for a small chunk of government revenue, but each year the Guinea Bissau is attracting more travelers from around the world.

The capital Bissau

Like many travel, tour of Guinea-Bissau is reasonable to start with its capital. This city can be described as a metropolis countryside. Here you can see the upscale villas, which were built in accordance with Mediterranean architecture. This design is the city acquired through colonization. A house located on the outskirts of poor people who built of clay and straw. Not far from the center, you can relax on the sandy beaches of the wild. The city port, the Catholic mission of the XVII century and the Presidential Palace are the most interesting places of the city.
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Museum of African artifacts

Museum artifacts is one of the major tourist attractions of Guinea-Bissau. It is an ideal place for tourism. Here you can get an idea about all aspects of life and history of the country. Interesting works of art show the other side of life of local residents, which does not fit into the framework of academic excellence. Here you can find traditional works of pottery, weaving, sculpture of the ancient African state Gabu.

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Bolama Babak

Bolama Babak is one of the regions of Guinea-Bissau. Here, you can consider in detail the ancient past of the country, because the best storyteller of the history and culture are the ruins and monuments. Ancient architectural fragments of the region are considered a sacred place. Residents Bolama Babak until today did not recognize the culture of the colonizers and the Western world. In addition, this area is located in the beautiful natural surroundings, this is another reason to visit this wonderful place.

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The archipelago of Bijagos

Bijagos archipelago, which is also known as the Archipelago of Guinea-Bissau, includes eight large and small islands. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean in front of the capital Bissau, at the mouth of the Rio Geba. All of the islands are inhabited. The southern part of the archipelago is now converted into biozapovednik UNESCO, which protects the unique flora and fauna of the place. Some of the islands are covered with forests, savannas others. Attraction of this place considered a huge mangrove forest. Here is found a lot of fish, each year it attracts professional fishermen from around the world.

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National parks of Guinea-Bissau

Natural parks are the main pride of the State. The country can not yet boast well-developed infrastructure and an abundance of all kinds of entertainment. But the pristine and unique natural environment – that’s the main wealth of Guinea-Bissau. One of the most famous local parks became Archipel de Bolama, which is located near the ancient ruins of the complex and is included in the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Here the animals were found previously described in either reference. As an example, recently found a new kind of otters.

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