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The most expensive frames in the history of the paparazzi

$ 230,000 for the frame with Freddie Mercury! In 1990, the paparazzi had a real hunt for the already very sick Freddie Mercury. The fact that he has AIDS, the singer publicly admitted only the day before his death, but the rumors have appeared long before that. Musician almost did not go out of the house.However, the paparazzi still managed to catch a haggard disease Freddy in the company of a British rock star Gary Glitter for a meal in one of the most prestigious restaurants in London. Friendly Britney – $ 250,000 February 21, 2007 in front of the home of his ex-wife of Kevin Federline shaved bald Britney Spears with an umbrella in his hand car attacked paparazzi named Danny Boy from the agency X17.





This is the largest in Los Angeles paparazzi center (about 100 employees) specializes only in spying on Britney. Day and night, two or three jeeps with sullen silent Latinos follow on the heels of a star.
Author shots, in addition to the fee of $ 250,000, another $ 40,000 on the sale of his jeep, scratched singer.
Kate Moss sniffing cocaine – $ 300,000! In October 2005, the British newspaper The Daily Mirror published photographs of the model Kate Moss, sniffing cocaine with her ​​boyfriend Pete Doherty. As a result of Chanel and Burberry immediately tore up contracts with Kate.

The model was forced to repeatedly defend, apologize and undergo treatment for drug addiction. A paparazzi picked a great dip for the scandalous photos – $ 300,000!
“Penthouse” disgraced – $ 500,000 for the benefit of the paparazzi … The entire print run, which were published pictures of our sexy sport – Anna Kournikova had to go under the knife … They sold the magazine paparazzi-fan from St. Louis Frank someone who managed to film the video several girls taking a sunbath. Frank was convinced that one of them – the elusive Kournikova: first, she was looking for privacy, and secondly, the paparazzi … “identified her nipples in shape.” Then he tried to justify that very Kournikova had never seen, only the photo, where she was sporting a T-shirt in the fitting, the shape of her treacherously outstanding natural jewelry. “Penthouse” noticed a dirty trick and bought the cassette. But in a picture, “Kournikova” themselves suddenly identified Judith Soltis Benetton, the adopted daughter of Italian fashion designer Luciano Benetton. “Penthouse” was in shock, and Judith Kournikova – also satisfied only Frank – he is now a celebrity! In this embarrassment guy cut down $ 500,000 …

$ 1 million for the photo baby … In September 2004, in London notorious paparazzo Steve Sands (officially entered in the list of the 50 most heinous of New Yorkers) photographed the daughter of rock musician, leader of the band Coldplay Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It was the first in the history of the paparazzi shot star baby …

In the future stars begin to seek millions in royalties for the photo shoot of their children – in 2007, as did a pair of Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes. In fairness it should be noted that in an interview with Steve Sands hinted that he and Gwyneth Paltrow does not do anything for free.
So, most likely, he shared with her percentage of the sale of these photographs … $ 1 million for the photo session – this will agree, a lot.
$ 1.1 million for the Queen’s love affair … In 1982, Princess Caroline of Monaco after her divorce from her husband, a French banker and playboy Philippe Junot, began meeting with the athlete Guillermo Vilas, Argentinian tennis genius and the first Latin American winner of the Grand Slam tournaments.
There are a couple of pictures on the covers of 54 magazines. Until now, the princess and the angles successful tennis player profitable these magazines – the images are always in demand for online auctions. $ 1.1 million for the photo – you think this is an absolute record? Alas, no …
Jacqueline Onassis, naked – $ 1.2 million for a nude photo of Jacqueline Onassis famous paparazzi 70 Ron Galella received $ 1.2 million. In 1970, under the guise of a gardener-Mexican wearing a sombrero and a mustache and a hidden camera in the car with the turf, Galella made ​​his way to a guarded island – private property made ​​famous Onassis and Jacqueline topless picture.
$ 1,400,000 – fighting king … In the evening, August 15, 1958 Italian photographer Tazio Secchiaroli was walking along the fashionable quarter of Rome, where he came across the Egyptian King Farouk, was ignited in the company of two beauties at the sidewalk Cafe de Paris. He photographed the overturned table and attacked him with his fists crowned Playboy and went down in history as the founder of the genre – it Secchiaroli became the prototype of the very Signora Paparazzi of the famous Fellini film “La Dolce Vita”. $ 1.4 million – and this is not the limit …
$ 1.5 million – the death of a model Anna Nicole Smith … At the time, the paparazzi got hold for the full program …
Latest photo published all more or less decent world edition …
Video in which the star Playboy do artificial respiration and cardiac massage was purchased agency Splash News & Picture Agency for $ 1.5 million …
Why such a price? And because the staff got hold of just a few hours after her death …
And the pictures of Anna Nicole Smith in a bag to carry the corpses for a round sum bought and did not hesitate to publish an American tabloid National Enquirer, which during the life she led the column. Another $ 1.5 million … Anna Nicole would be flattered …
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Princess Diana was estimated at $ 6,000,000 … When in 1997 the paparazzi pursuing car Princess Diana blamed for the death of Lady Di, they considered it a monstrous absurdity: “It is as if children are killed nursing mother!”
They recalled that a few months ago for a series of shots of the new princess and her friend Dodi al-Fayed on a yacht in Saint-Tropez (the first evidence of a novel) colleagues managed to gain $ 6 million
is – the biggest purse for more than a century of photography.
And this – the most expensive photograph in her stories …

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